21 Savage Net Worth: From Drug-Dealing Heritage and Street Gang Ties to an Estimated $12-$16 Million—How Has His Wealth Evolved?

You probably know a lot about 21 Savage. You may know him for owning the record label Slaughter Gang, his hit single Bank Account, or his collaborations with industry giants like Drake and Post Malone.

But what do you know about 21 Savage’s net worth?

21 Savage first became famous when he released his first mixtape in 2015. From then on, it’s been a smooth road for him. His music career skyrocketed, and he collaborated with major artists like J Cole.

Here, we’ll explore 21 Savage’s musical career and net worth.

The Early Life of 21 Savage

The Early Life of 21 Savage

Because he lived most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia, many people don’t know that 21 Savage was born in the UK. He was born in 1992 in London, and his birth name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph.

21 Savage has an exciting heritage; his father is Haitian, and his mother is Dominican. Unfortunately, he didn’t have it easy during his childhood. His father was a drug dealer, and his mother had to raise him and his siblings alone.

21 Savage didn’t spend much of his life in London. At a young age, he moved with his mother to Atlanta, Georgia, where he joined the hip-hop scene and kickstarted his career.

After moving to London, 21 Savage’s mother married again and had more kids. Unfortunately, bad luck seemed to follow her family to London. 21 Savage’s half-brother, Quantivayus, lost his life in a shooting that resulted from a bad drug deal.

Even 21 Savage himself couldn’t escape the rocky road of his early life. He got banned from all public schools in Atlanta, Georgia, after being caught in possession of a gun. That’s why he transferred to an alternative school program instead. Despite that, he didn’t continue his education and dropped out during his first year.

Naturally, what followed that wasn’t pretty either. 21 Savage joined a dangerous street gang and got into plenty of botched drug deals. It’s reported that he was shot on his 21st birthday due to an attempted robbery, and he lost two of his best friends to that incident.

It wasn’t until that incident that 21 Savage decided to turn his life around and escape the risky lifestyle. He started rapping to express his emotions, and the rest was history!

21 Savage: Rise to Fame

21 Savage Rise to Fame

21 Savage’s musical career started when he started creating mixtapes like Slaughter King and The Slaughter Tape. His mixtapes got him enough attention to collaborate with producer Metro Boomin on Savage Mode in 2016, and that’s when his fame started rising.

The album climbed the charts until number 23 on the Billboard 200, and some of its songs reached the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

21 Savage later collaborated with Drake on a single called Sneakin’, further increasing his fame.

His debut album came in 2017 after he signed with Epic Records, and it was a true testament of how much an artist 21 Savage was. In the same year, 21 Savage collaborated with Post Malone on the single Rockstar, and it got him his first Grammy nomination after topping the Billboard Hot 100.

From then on, the British-American rapper became stable on the charts. Plenty of his albums, including Savage Mode II, continued to top the charts and get him more fans.

Does 21 Savage Have Kids?

Does 21 Savage Have Kids

Despite leading a busy life under the spotlights of fame, 21 Savage has three kids. He has two sons, Ashaad and Kamari, and one daughter, Rhian.

21 Savage shares his kids with his ex-wife, Keyanna Joseph. She’s a beauty entrepreneur, but other than that, not quite much is known about her until the couple divorced. Their relationship has been pretty much under wraps, and no one even knows how long they’d been married.

In 2023, rumors were going wild that 21 Savage was in a relationship with fellow rapper Latto. Though both stars denied the rumors, they kept spreading like wildfire, and speculations were made about him having an affair while married.

In September of the same year, 21 Savage’s wife filed for divorce. No one knows whether the rumors are true or if they’re the reason the couple got divorced, but they probably had something to do with it.

What Is 21 Savage’s Net Worth?

21 Savage’s Net Worth

The net worth of 21 Savage is estimated to be between $12 million and $16 million, but since the rapper’s financials aren’t disclosed publicly, no one knows for sure.

It’s easy to see how the British-American rapper managed to get rich. With so many of his songs topping the charts, he’s been getting more recognition than he bargained for. On top of that, he won a Grammy for Rockstar, and his collaboration with Post Malone boosted his earnings considerably.

Aside from that, 21 Savage also tours quite a lot and performs at major music festivals. His 2019 tour, I Am > I Was, increased his fame significantly, reflected in his earnings.

In 2018, the British-American rapper launched his clothing line under Slaughter Gang. The brand sells merchandise and clothes for 21 Savage’s fans, contributing to boosting his net worth despite not being his primary source of income.

Final Thoughts

21 Savage net worth is estimated to be between $12 million and $16 million. The British-born rapper made his wealth from his various albums topping the charts. He also tours and sells merchandise through his clothing line, Slaughter Gang.

The story of 21 Savage is a classic one where he made it from the depths of his challenging childhood to the peak of fame. Despite having a difficult early life and losing his half-brother and two of his best friends, he managed to make a name and family for himself.

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