Jack Doherty Age: How Old Is He Now, Having Bought His First Property at 15 and Amassed 14.30 Million YouTube Subscribers? 

Social media has brought on a wave of celebrities that seems to grow higher daily. One of the well-known names in the online entertainment industry is Jack Doherty.

Famous for his bold content that attracts controversy, it’s no wonder that people are curious about the young star’s life. Even more so due to his money-flaunting behavior that got followers wondering where he got all his wealth.

In today’s post, I’m not only discussing his fortune but also Jack Doherty’s age, career, family, relationships, and more.

Who Is Jack Doherty?

Jack Doherty

Jack Doherty is an American YouTuber, streamer, and social media influencer. His prank-centered and stunt-oriented content has earned him a wide fanbase of millions of followers across various platforms.

Jack’s main content outlet is videos on YouTube, but he evolved into streaming on Kick. He’s also very active on X, Instagram, and TikTok.

While he’s of American nationality, Jack Doherty constantly expresses pride in his Irish-Polish origin.

How Old Is Jack Doherty?

Jack Doherty was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, on Oct 3, 2003. This makes him 21 as of 2024 and assigns him the zodiac sign Libra.

Who Are Jack Doherty’s Parents?

Jack Doherty’s Parents

Jack Doherty’s father, Mark Doherty, was born in New York, while his mother, Anna Doherty, comes from Poland. This is where Jack gets his mixed ethnicity.

Does Jack Doherty Have Siblings?

Yes, Mark and Anna Doherty have 2 other children besides Jack.

Jack Doherty’s siblings are both older than him. His brother is named Michael, and his sister is called Joanna.

Jack’s brother and father often make appearances in his videos and content.

What Were Jack Doherty’s Early Years Like?

Jack Doherty's Early Years

Jack Doherty and his siblings, Michael and Joanna, grew up in a loving and supportive atmosphere in their Sea Cliff home in New York.

As a child, Jack Doherty showed a talent for gymnastics and athletics. When he turned 7, he was already landing backflips. He also developed a passion for technology and content creation during his preteen years.

As for his education, Jack Doherty went to Beverly’s North Shore High School. He graduated in 2021 at the age of 18. By then, he was already making a significant fortune each month.

How Did Jack Doherty Become Famous?

Jack Doherty

Jack Doherty’s career started with his YouTube channel “Jack Doherty” on July 15, 2016. His content was themed around challenges, stunts, and pranks, with the first video he posted titled “Marker Flip Twice In A Row!!!”.

After that, he started gaining attention on the platform, but the first video that went viral and really kickstarted his popularity is called “I Flipped All of These!!”. It currently has 29 million views.

From there, his audience continued growing as his publicly filmed videos became more and more daring. Jack Doherty’s main YouTube channel has 14.3 million subscribers as of the date of writing.

Jack Doherty also created three other channels;

  • Jack Live launcher 6Apr 6, 2017. It currently has 622K subscribers.
  • Jack Doherty Business launched Nov 19v 19, 2020. It has no videos yet, but it already has 42.5K subscribers.
  • Jack & McKinley (with his girlfriend) launchedOct 3ct 3, 2023. It has 821K subscribers and counting.

What Is Jack Doherty’s Net Worth?

Jack Doherty’s Net Worth

Jack Doherty has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024. He reportedly made his first million by 2023.

Where Does Jack Doherty’s Wealth Come From?

Jack Doherty accumulated his wealth through multiple sources of income.

First, his YouTube views from channels Jack Doherty and Jack Live contribute a massive chunk to his annual income.

Second, brand sponsorships and endorsement deals bring significant profits, such as his collaborations with Nike, Pepsi, and Adidas.

Jack also invests in real estate, purchasing his first property when he was only 15. Additionally, he has an impressive collection of luxury cars, including a Lamborghini Huracan and a McLaren 570GT.

Moreover, Jack has a merchandise store where his fans purchase clothing and accessories, adding to his bank account.

Is Jack Doherty in a Relationship?

Jack Doherty girlfriend

Yes, Jack Doherty is in a relationship with Mckinley Richardson, a social media influencer with 742K subscribers currently on YouTube.

The couple is very public about their relationship and consistently posts related content. They even co-own a YouTube channel called Jack & McKinley.

The nature of their relationship is skeptical to fans, though, as the boyfriend and girlfriend often share false breakup alarms and pranks.

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