Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife, Charlotte Jane, Daughter of Bob Jane: Are They Still Together?

There are a lot of lines Tony Hinchcliffe has crossed throughout his insult comedy career, but has he crossed the matrimonial one?

The stand-up celebrity has been married to Australian pin-up model, entrepreneur, and influencer Charlotte Jane. The question is if they’re still together.

Stick around as we uncover more of Hinchcliffe’s love life.

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife?

Charlotte Jane

Image source: Instagram

It all started when the “insult” comedian mentioned having a wife in 2015 during a show. Most fans thought it was a joke.

In 2017, the joke didn’t seem much of a joke as Hinchcliffe shared an Instagram post of him and pin-up model, Charlotte Jane. The couple were wearing rings and pointing at them. The caption read, “Married as f***. Honeymooning in La Jolla.”

Despite that explicit announcement, some fans still speculated that he was running a gag. Nonetheless, it was officially confirmed afterward.

The two celebrated their wedding ceremony in 2017. In one of his podcasts, Hinchcliffe publicly revealed his vow exchange in early 2018.

News of the marriage was even confirmed by another source. Comedian Afrodyete Love posted an image of her with the couple on X. It was captioned, “Here in this picture with Tony Hinchcliffe & his beautiful wife Charlotte after the show on Monday.”

About Charlotte Jane

Charlotte Jane

Charlotte Jane is a model and Instagram influencer. She’s prominently known as “Baby Jane.” Apart from her followers, Charlotte also owes her fame to her Australian race car-driving father, Bob Jane.

In addition, Jane has collaborations with the Depop app, where she sells her merchandise. The celebrity wife primarily sells dresses and jewelry. Besides that, her modeling career kicked off as she modeled for various brands. Jane was also featured in Maxim magazine.

Are They Still Together?

Charlotte Jane

A few years after Hinchcliffe’s bold Instagram post announcing his marriage to fans, the couple hasn’t spoken much or appeared on each other’s socials. It raised lots of questions as fans speculated that Jane and Hinchcliffe might’ve split.

Those rumors seemed to be confirmed when Charlotte shared an Instagram post with a mysterious man. In a couple of the images posted, Jane was intimately hugging and holding hands with the man. She even captioned the post, “I am the luckiest girl ♥️.”

On top of that, the two haven’t been seen wearing their wedding rings since 2018. Some rumors surfaced that the comedian cheated on Jane during his stay in Philadelphia or Toronto. Nevertheless, these speculations were never confirmed.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe with Joanna Jedrzejczyk?

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Image source: Instagram

Hinchcliffe has been spotted with several “could be” girlfriends throughout his celebrity life. One of the most mentioned by fans was the UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

In a 2016 Instagram post, Jedrzejczyk shared an image with the dark comedian and captioned it, “Look who finally had the courage to talk to me.”

Fans came to the comments to ship the couple, noticing some chemistry between the two. Later on, some believed that Hinchcliffe cheated on his wife with Jedrzejczyk, but that wasn’t confirmed.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Dating Preference

Tony Hinchcliffe

Even though Hinchcliffe wasn’t vocal about his personal dating life, he has been outspoken about some of his dating preferences.

In one of his shows, he talks about preferring African-American ladies as opposed to white women.

Final Thoughts

Is Tony Hinchcliffe married? Despite the wide hate the roasting comedian has garnered throughout his career, a certain Charlotte Jane decided to tie the knot with him.

She’s a successful model with over 28,500 Instagram followers and a growing merch business. A year or so after the hitch, the married couple didn’t appear so married.

Wedding rings were never worn again. Jane shared a post appearing to have moved on from the dark-humored comedian, and the rest is history.

Images source: Instagram

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