Sherry Aon: Rick Gonzalez’s Wife, From High School Romance to Over a Decade of Marriage, A Quiet Contrast to Hollywood’s Fame Seekers

Hollywood is full of stories about people who got into relationships with celebrities because they wanted to become famous. Many of these stories ended in scandals or the courtroom, where people fought over divorce settlements, custody, or child support.

But this has nothing to do with Sherry Aon, Rick Gonzalez’s wife. Although her husband became a household name when she was young, Sherry likes to keep a low profile. This makes her mysterious.

This article will dig deeper into this beautiful woman’s life and tackle her relationship with her husband. So, please keep reading to learn more about her.

Who is Sherry Aon?

Sherry Aon

Sherry Aon is the wife of Rick Gonzalez, a famous American actor. Little is known about her background and private life, as she didn’t share any personal information, including her age. But, based on her features, she’s probably Dominican and Puerto Rican, like her hubby.

Her husband Rick was born in 1979, so we assume she’s almost his age. She could be a little younger since he reported they met as kids.

Some sources reported that her father, Tony Cass, might have African American roots. This means she could have mixed Latin and African ancestry, although she hasn’t confirmed these details yet. There’s no information available about her mother or siblings.

Nobody knows the name of the school where she studied or if she’s a college graduate. But she probably finished high school before getting married.

She has a public Instagram account but doesn’t have many posts. She occasionally posts pictures of her husband and daughter, so her other details remain a mystery.

When Did Sherry Aon Meet Rick Gonzalez?

Sherry Aon

Rick Gonzalez is quite discreet regarding his love life and relationships. However, he previously mentioned that he met his significant other in high school in New York.

They lived together while Rick was taking his first steps as an actor. He landed his first role in 1998 in Thicker than Blood right after he graduated high school. We assume that Sherry was by his side, supporting him in pursuing his passion. This is probably why he feels grateful for having her in his life.

2000 Rick moved to Los Angeles, where he could be closer to major production studios. Luckily, his partner supported his decision and decided to move in with him.

He starred in movies like Crocodile Dundee and The Rookie and played a remarkable role in Coach Carter. After this movie, more directors and producers noticed his talent, and it was clear that he was on the road to success.

In addition to movies, Rick Gonzalez appeared on various TV shows, such as ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Bones. He also released his mixtape album in 2011 after struggling with launching his music career for years.

How Did Rick Gonzalez and Sherry Aon Get Married?

Sherry Aon

Struggling actors go through a lot before making it to fame. Rick might have been rejected several times and waited weeks for an audition. Sherry was always there, putting his career first, and he doesn’t think he could have made it without her support.

Knowing that she’s the most critical person, Rick proposed in 2012. They decided to get married in a cozy and private ceremony that a few people attended. The couple didn’t want the press to disrupt their special day and instead preferred spending it with the people they cared about.

After getting married, Rick started to post more pictures of his loving wife. He once spoke about their relationship, mentioning that it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but they still managed to overcome all the hardships.

Their Relationship

Sherry Aon

Rick once paid tribute to his loving wife, making fun of their relationship. He mentioned that when they first met, she gave him attitude and didn’t agree with everything he said. But this also helped keep him in check.

He explained that their relationship wasn’t based on love at first sight. It took a lot of communication to understand and explore each other’s personalities.

As someone who spends much time away from home, Rick calls Sherry his rock, and he speaks of how strong and resilient she is. She had to spend much time alone with all the responsibilities of starting a family.

Only one year after getting married, Sherry and Rick had their first and only daughter in 2013. This year was busy for Rick as an actor, who starred in Make Your Move and played roles in three TV shows.

Gonzalez says that his beloved wife and daughter matter the most to him, and he wouldn’t give them up for his career. But he’s lucky because his wife supports him even if she has to take over the family’s responsibilities.

Wrap Up

Sherry Aon is Rick Gonzalez’s wife, and they met when they were both studying at high school. However, unlike her husband, she doesn’t like to share anything about her life. As a result, little is known about her family, school, or college.

We don’t know anything about Sherry’s life after graduating high school, but she traveled to Los Angeles with Rick, where he moved to pursue his passion for acting. After years together, Rick proposed, and the couple married in 2012 in a private ceremony.

After marriage, Sherry avoided the spotlights and didn’t share any updates about her career or private life. On the other hand, Rick keeps posting about his loving wife and their only daughter, explaining that he wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for his better half.

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