Andrew Weissmann’s Wife: Debra Weissmann, the Supportive Partner of the Distinguished Legal Authority

With a renowned career path like his, it’s no wonder Andrew Weissmann is the center of attention of many Americans. The famous attorney worked as an Assistant US Attorney from 1991 to 2002, then he went on to work for the FBI and the US Department of Justice.

Though Weissmann’s personal life is private, many questions arise about his marital status. Here’s what we know: Andrew Weissmann is indeed married to Debra Weissmann, and he also has a son with his wife.

Here’s everything we know about Andrew Weissmann’s wife:

The Education and Career Life of Andrew Weissmann’s Wife

Andrew Weissmann’s Wife

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Though we don’t know for sure when Andrew Weissmann married his wife, we do know they’re still happily married with a son named Ben. But what was Debra’s life like before she wed the popular American attorney?

Debra studied law at Syracuse Law School and graduated with Phy Beta Kappa honors—talk about academic excellence! 

After her graduation, she worked in the private sector for a while, representing people in need of legal counsel. She handled plenty of cases in different fields, including family law, civil rights, labor law, and even immigration law. 

Her cases span across many areas around the US, including Florida and New Mexico. However, she didn’t freelance for long before she joined a law firm in Syracuse and rose to partner.

From then onward, Debra’s career expanded to include plenty of renowned positions. She served as a Deputy Director at Legal Services of North Carolina from 1994 to 1998. Afterward, she joined the Carolina Law Faculty as a Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Programs, and she stayed in that position for a decade.

Thanks to her efforts in civil rights contributions, Debra received the ACLU’s Frank Porter Graham Award for her achievements in the field.

The Publications of Andrew Weissmann’s Wife

With an impressive academic record like hers, it’s no wonder Debra Weissmann published plenty of articles and researched different law fields. She worked on researching topics like migration, immigration laws, political economy, human rights, and even gender violence. 

She also published many articles on these topics. Some of her publications went on the Columbia Human Rights Journal and the Boston College Law Review.

About Andrew Weissmann

Andrew Weissmann

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Andrew Weissmann was born in 1958 in New York. He studied at Princeton University and graduated in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree. Of course, he didn’t stop there—he went on to join the University of Geneva on a Fulbright scholarship and gained a Juris Doctor degree from the Columbia Law School shortly after.

A couple of years later, Andrew Weissmann started his journey as an Assistant US Attorney in New York’s Eastern District. His tenure span from 1991 to 2002, during which he took on more than 20 cases. Some of the cases were high-profile and high-risk, involving popular crime families and individuals like Vincent Gigante, who was convicted at some point.

Thanks to cases like these, Weissmann quickly rose to prominence and received recognition from President George W. Bush in 2002. The President appointed him Deputy Director, and he helped prosecute more than 30 criminals during his serving period.

A couple of years later, particularly in 2005, Weissmann started to work in the private sector, but that didn’t last for long. In 2011, he was recruited into the FBI, where he worked as a General Counsel until 2015. After that, he joined the Department of Justice and served there until 2017, when he joined a Special Counsel team and stayed on it until 2019.

Now, Andrew Weissmann continues to serve as a visiting professor at the School of Law of New York University. Plus, he returned to the private sector, where he now serves as the co-chair of investigations at Jenner & Block.

The Net Worth of Debra Weissmann

The Net Worth of Debra Weissmann

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Though we know some info about Debra Weissmann’s career path, there’s little to know about her wealth or net worth. However, we do know that her husband, the renowned Andrew Weissmann, has a net worth of nearly $50 million. So, it’s not hard to predict that both husband and wife are enjoying a rich life.

Final Thoughts

Though Andrew Weissmann’s personal life remains private, some details about his wife and her career were made public. She reportedly has a law degree and works mainly in advocating civil rights and studying immigration law, human rights, and political economy.

We don’t know much about the couple’s personal life, but we do know that they have one son named Ben. Will he follow in his parents’ footsteps and make a renowned academic career for himself? That’s what we’re waiting to know!

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