Jamal Adeen Thomas : The Sole Son of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Often Mistaken for Actor Jamal Thomas

Supreme Court justices are highly respected in the US, as they have the power to declare a legislative or executive act if the Constitution is violated. This is why they’re always under the spotlight, and people are always curious about their private lives. 

Clarence Thomas is the associate justice of the Supreme Court, serving since 1991 when he became the second African-American to hold such a position and the oldest serving member. 

But this article is actually about his son, who isn’t as famous as his dad. So, who is Jamal Adeen Thomas? Does he follow in his dad’s footsteps? This article will answer your questions. 

Who is Jamal Adeen Thomas?

Jamal Adeen Thomas

Jamal Adeen Thomas is the son of Clarence Thomas, an associate justice of the Supreme Court nominated by President George H. W. Bush. He was born on the 15th of February 1973 at Yale New Haven Hospital, Connecticut, to Judge Thomas and his ex-wife Kathy Ambush, and he’s of African-American ancestry. 

Just like his dad, Jamal Adeen Thomas is a devout Catholic despite carrying a name of Arabic origin and used by many African-American Muslims. 

Judge Thomas wanted to provide his son with the best education he could afford, so he enrolled him in private schools. At that time, bullying was quite common at public schools, and Judge Th omas even sold his car to be able to afford the private education he wanted to offer his son. 

Young Jamal Adeen studied at Bishop Ireton High School and then transferred to the Fork Union Military School. He pursued his passion for economics and finance at the Virginia Military Institute and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and economics. He currently works as an economist. 

There’s no clear information regarding Jamal Adeen Thomas’ net worth, but his father’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. He earned this money from his career as a lawyer and judge.

Family Life

Family Life

       Virginia Lamp                                                                            Kathy Grace Ambush

Kathy Grace Ambush and Clarence Thomas met in 1969 and immediately fell in love. They might have been together while studying in college and later decided to make their relationship official. It’s worth mentioning that Thomas was actually studying to become a priest. He’s also the first member of his family to ever go to college. 

The two got married in 1971, and two years later, they had their only son, Jamal Adeen Thomas. Little is known about Ambush’s private life before or after marriage, but there were rumors that she decided to work as a global entrepreneur. 

However, the couple faced several issues and decided to separate in 1981. Their divorce became final in 1984, and Judge Thomas chose to raise his son as a single father

Coping With Changes

Nevertheless, in 1987, married Virginia Lamp, an American lobbyist, and she became Jamal Adeen’s stepmother. Lamp and Judge Thomas didn’t have any biological children together, but in 1997, they adopted Thomas’ great nephew, Mark Martin Jr. Jamal Adeen and Mark grew up as siblings, cared for by Judge Thomas and his wife. 

After the divorce, Kathy Ambush worked at the Immigration Learning Center and later held the position of the Massachusetts Advanced Studies Program at Milton Academy. She also moved on with her life and got married. 

There’s no information regarding how Judge Thomas and his ex-wife raised their son after the divorce, but Jamal Adeen spent most of his time with his dad. He still maintained a good relationship with his mother and was occasionally seen with her. 

Is Jamal Adeen Thomas an Actor?

Jamal Thomas

Image source: Instagram

Many people confuse Jamal Adeen Thomas for a famous African-American actor, Jamal Thomas. He played several roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Entourage, and Law and Order. The two might share the same name but have nothing else in common. 

Who is Jamal Adeen Thomas Married To?

Jamal Adeen Thomas met Sakina Karima Paige, an alumnus of Washington and Lee University School of Law, in 2016, but there’s no information regarding how the two fell in love. But it seems that they share a special connection because they got married and currently have a son, Judah Thomas. They always share their family pictures on social media platforms. 

What Does Jamal Adeen Thomas Do?

Jamal Adeen Thomas

Image source: Google

Jamal Adeen Thomas likes to keep his matters private, so confirming information about his professional life is not easy. Yet, according to his degree, we know that he works in the financial sector. 

Previous employers’ information reveals that Thomas worked at Wells Fargo and Wachovia Securities. Some say he is currently the Director of Supervision in financial matters at John F Van der Hyde and Associates, but this information is yet to be confirmed. 

Clarence Thomas is known to be the most conservative member of the Supreme Court, and many people see him as a man of contradictions, but little is known about Jamal Adeen’s political party. He likes to maintain a low profile and doesn’t share his public opinions. 

What is the Relationship Between Clarence Thomas and His Son Like?

Jamal Adeen Thomas

For many years, Judge Thomas managed to stir away from cases involving his son, Jamal Adeen. This hasn’t always been easy. 

When a judge sees a potential conflict of interest, they can choose to work on a specific case. Throughout his career, Clarence Thomas refused to work on a total of 54 cases, 17 of which involved his son. This doesn’t necessarily mean his son was accused of anything, but it could be related to his work or industry. 

Wrap Up

Judges of the Supreme Court play a crucial role in the American public’s life. Clarence Thomas is one of the most famous and controversial justices, being the second African-American justice of the Supreme Court and the oldest serving member. 

Jamal Adeen Thomas isn’t a public figure like his dad, and little is known about his private life. We know that his father raised him after his parents got divorced and that he studied to become an economist. 

He is currently married and has a single son, and he often posts pictures of his family on his social media accounts. His father refused to work on several cases involving him due to a conflict of interest so he could maintain his integrity. 

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