Albert Ezerzer: Honored with Full-Screen Tribute in ‘Suits’ Season 4 Premiere, Sparking Viral Comparisons to D.B. Woodside

On June 11, 2014, the first episode of Suits season 4 ended with a full-screen tribute to Albert Ezerzer. Who was he, what was his role on the show, and how did he pass away?

Find out in this article!

Albert Ezerzer: An Overview

Albert Ezerzer was a behind-the-scenes crewman and driver in various TV shows. His career began in 1993 in a show called Family Picture, where he was a cast member.

Following this, he received many gigs over the years. He was involved in No One Could Protect Her in 1996 and Interstate 60 in 2002. Moreover, he worked on the set of Covert One: The Hades Factor in 2006.

Many people know about him due to a tribute dedicated to him in an episode of Suits from 2014. He was a beloved member of the team, and many actors remember him fondly.

Albert Ezerzer’s Life

 Albert Ezerzer was born on January 31, 1959, in the United States. He’s of African-American ethnicity, but his nationality is American.

Not much is known about Albert Ezerzer’s childhood, as he kept his personal life private. He did get married to Rachel Ezerzer. However, there’s no information on whether the couple had kids.

Albert Ezerzer’s Career

Albert Ezerzer’s Career

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There’s a common misconception that Albert Ezerzer was an actor who appeared in various films. However, he was simply a transportation crew member who worked at TV and movie sets throughout his career.

He became a driver for Cameron Diaz and other movie personalities. Plus, part of his work involved transporting huge pieces of equipment across sets.

This may seem like a minor role for some, but Suit’s producer, Aaron Korsh, considers him a beloved member of the Suits family.

Albert Ezerzer’s Cause of Death

Albert Ezerzer passed away on May 9, 2014, while he was still working at the Suits transportation department.

Several sources say his cause of death was an aortic aneurysm. This is when an artery forms a balloon-like bulge that can rupture. Albert Ezerzer was 55 when he passed.

Because of his death, the Suits team dedicated the first episode of season 4 to him. The episode ended with a pre-credits tribute that reads “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer.”

The Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside Confusion

Are Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside the same person? The quick answer is no, they aren’t!

Since many people don’t know what Albert Ezerzer looked like, a social media post went viral about him. The post claimed that Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside had exactly the same facial features.

This post caused many to attribute D.B. Woodside’s works to Albert Ezerzer. As a result, D.B. Woodside had to debunk the claims.

In 2023, D.B. Woodside clarified that the circulating photos were both of himself and not Albert Ezerzer.

3 Interesting Facts About Albert Ezerzer

Here are a few interesting facts about Albert Ezerzer.

  • Albert Ezerzer worked in over 30 film productions from 1993 to 2008. Some of the most notable shows are Dancing in the Dark, The Abduction, and The Big Heist.
  • He drove for various actors and producers, including Harry Winer, Kim Delaney, and Shirley MacLaine.
  • Albert Ezerzer passed away a month before D.B. Woodside first appeared on Suits. It’s unclear whether the two look-alikes met on the Suits set.


Who was Albert Ezerzer and what was his role on Suits?

 Albert Ezerzer was a behind-the-scenes crewman and driver for various TV shows, including Suits, where he was a valued member of the transportation department.

How did Albert Ezerzer pass away?

Albert Ezerzer passed away on May 9, 2014, due to an aortic aneurysm at the age of 55.

Why was a tribute dedicated to Albert Ezerzer in Suits?

A tribute was dedicated to Albert Ezerzer in the first episode of Suits season 4 because of his beloved status within the Suits team and to honor his memory after his passing.

Is there any confusion between Albert Ezerzer and actor D.B. Woodside?

Yes, there was confusion on social media claiming that Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside were the same person, which D.B. Woodside later clarified, stating that the circulating photos were both of himself, not Albert Ezerzer.


In conclusion, Albert Ezerzer was a transportation crew member throughout his career. He contributed to many films, but he never appeared on screen.

Still, the actors and producers he worked with remember him fondly. His dedication to his work made him an essential member of the Suits team!

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