Steve Will Do It Net Worth: From Full Send Clothes to Happy Dad Seltzer, How Rich is the ‘Hottest Night Club Prank’ Star?

Nowadays, social media influencers quickly amass tens, or even hundreds, of millions of dollars! SteveWillDoIt is pretty popular, so is he one of the big earners?

What exactly is SteveWillDoIt’s net worth? And more importantly, who is this funny extrovert who hasn’t yet found a dare or a challenge he doesn’t like?

It’s worth noting that Steve isn’t a typical social media phenomenon. Besides his mesmerizing charisma, he’s shown real savvy for business, plus a keen sense of when to make a tactical move. He also has a controversial part that several celebrities couldn’t help criticizing!

SteveWillDoIt, or Steven Deleonardis, is someone you should know more about.

What Is SteveWillDoIt’s Net Worth?

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

The sensational 27-year-old digital performer and entrepreneur SteveWillDoIt is undoubtedly rich. His net Worth isn’t a big secret, but it’s also not fully disclosed to the public.

It’s primarily a mix of his YouTube, Rumble, and Instagram channels, plus all the revenues from his investments and assets. Various sources estimate his net worth to be $3.5 million, though some observers believe it’s a much higher figure, north of $6 million.

Steve is a wise investor with a fantastic collection of cars, NFTs, and other assets. Since these appreciate with time, giving an exact value for his wealth is hard. Let’s say he’s affluent, and judging by his current potential, it’ll keep growing.

Who Exactly Is SteveWillDoIt

The social media pro-SteveWillDoIt was born on September 3, 1996, in Ellicott City, Maryland. His real name is Steven Deleonardis. Interestingly, Deleonardis never shared much about his early years or what it was like growing up.

Some sources mention that he was a high school dropout due to his reckless attitude and frequent transgressions. It seems that Deleonardis figured out a way to use his shortcomings as strengths, and judging by his achievements, his approach was quite successful.

The Social Media Prankster

The Social Media Prankster

In 2013, Steven was barely 17 years old. He had freshly terminated his relationship with the school and wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next. He started posting videos of himself doing hilarious stuff. Mostly, pranks and dares.

These over-the-top reels were unique then, and he soon amassed a sizable fan base. At that point, Instagram was a small pond, so he went for a bigger platform and started a YouTube channel.

Monetization proved to be a great source of income, but Steven knew he could do more. After all, with four million followers, the sky was the limit. That was when he joined NELK Entertainment.

More considerable Challenges for the Trickster

Steven was open to trying anything new in real life, as much as on digital media platforms. He collaborated with several brands and businesses to promote their products through his channels. At the time, he was active primarily on Instagram and YouTube.

After only three years of drinking, eating, and performing all sorts of other crazy stunts on YouTube, the platform suddenly decided to part ways with Steven. The decision was sudden, and many people couldn’t understand why it had happened.

YouTube later explained that the SteveWillDoIt channel promoted content that encouraged gambling and occasionally included gambling material, which is against the platform’s policy. This decision could’ve hit the SteveWillDoIt brand hard. But the savvy influencer had other plans.

A Truly Smooth Operator

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

Rumble had picked up on YouTube’s increasingly strict policies, and it was an excellent opportunity for the new player. At the same time, Steven was looking for a new platform that would carry his videos nicely.

The most important thing, at that point, was reaching his fan base. Making the swift decision to move his presence on Rumble entirely was bold. Nothing was guaranteed, but he took a leap of faith. Fortunately, his loyal followers stuck by his side and always waited for what Steve Will did.

From Content to Extra Cash 

For the longest time, Steven Deleonardis focused on creating hilarious online content and keeping his audience engaged. He promoted many brands along the way but didn’t sell any particular ones heavily.

That was about to change.

The Clothing Brand 

Watching how closely four million followers were hanging on to his recommendations, Steve took another leap of faith and cofounded the Full Send Clothing line. It was geared directly toward the young audience and had all the SteveWillDoIt brand’s characteristics.

The clothes were edgy, fun, trendy, and daring. School and college kids couldn’t get enough of these clothes. Even though Steven never told the story of how much he worked to achieve that level of success in promoting this apparel, specialists could tell he pushed the limits there.

Promoting a Dad’s Drink

Promoting a Dad's Drink

Steven was rarely shy about his drinking habits. He always found a way to turn his affliction into a successful endeavor. After all, who would like to be around drinks and alcohol more than him?

Again, Steven started a new entrepreneurial adventure and cofounded the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer brand. This time, he shifted his attention towards another demographic—the dads.

This drink was an instant success because of the perfect marketing campaign. However, many users swear by its taste and prime quality.

This move is further proof of Steven’s business prowess. He seems to have his thumb on his followers’ pulse constantly. He intuitively knows what works and goes for it without hesitation.

Can you guess what he did next?

Buying Assets 

Buying digital collectibles and NFTs was a true gamble initially, but a few years later, many people realized it was a goldmine. Steven Deleonardis researched the non-fungible tokens marked well and made many outstanding purchases among these.

Already quite rich at this stage, Steven became attracted to another type of collection: fancy cars. He bought Teslas, McLarens, and other luxury cars. The sweetest part is that he shared the fun with his colleagues at the NELK Entertainment group and a bunch of lucky followers.

Who Is Steven Deleonardis’s Girlfriend? 

Steven Deleonardis's Girlfriend

Steven Deleonardis is as open and extroverted as they come, but he’s rarely enthusiastic about sharing details about his private life. Except for one time when he dedicated a whole video to let the world know who is his girlfriend.

Celina Smith is a fellow content creator and drop-dead beautiful model who is just as successful as Steven. She’s an American national of Puerto Rican descent, which gives her a multicultural edgy profile.

Celina and Steve go a long way, as they went to the same school and worked in the same field. How exactly they started dating, or whether they plan to take their relationship to the next level, isn’t fully disclosed.

The Takeaway

Steve Will Do It Net Worth

The first takeaway must be about being successful at school or showing signs of excellence from the start. Steven Deleonardis demonstrated that academic success wasn’t a prerequisite for success later in life. While performing well at school should never be discounted, it’s a fact that there’s more to life than a scorecard.

The second moral of the SteveWillDoIt story is turning losses into wins. It isn’t too often that we see a person cleverly using his shortcomings as strengths. Steven did that with aplomb and flair. His broad and significant digital media presence is mainly in awe of that.

Finally, a great takeaway is never missing an opportunity to become bigger and better. Steven Deleonardis is often compared to Dana White for his tactical, calculated moves in business.

This is obvious in his swift move from YouTube to Rumble and how he migrated his followers to the new platform; he also cofounded not one but two big brands that have little to do with one another.

Each time, Steven diligently studied the market and created a product that would sell. In both cases, whether selling clothes to the young crowd or drinks to happy dads, his products flew off the shelves!

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