Gia Olimp: Serbian, Anthony Carrigan’s Wife, Whom He Met Through a Fortuitous Subway Encounter

If you followed the 2019 SAG awards, you might have seen Anthony Carrigan doing interviews hand-in-hand with his wife, Gia Olimp. Now, you might be wondering how the two met and where they are right now. I know I am!

So, let’s get to it and learn more about Gia Olimp and her relationship with the “Barry” star.

Gia Olimp’s Personal Life: 3 Insights From Social Media

There’s very little that the public knows about Gia Olimp. You won’t even find info about her age or birthplace.

She does share some thoughts and updates with her fan base (nearly 2K followers) on Instagram. I took a deep dive there and found three important bits of info!

1. Gia Olimp Is Serbian

Gia Olimp

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Although Gia Olimp is currently living in the US, she’s originally from Serbia, which is quite a beautiful country. Yet, I particularly love how Olimp once jokingly said that the best part about her childhood in Serbia wasn’t the landscape—it was her 8th-grade biology textbook.

What is so special about that book? Well, Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter are on the cover. Yes, from the movie “Raising Arizona.”

Funnily enough, Olimp wasn’t the only one to comment on this weird cover. It’s been an internet joke since 2011.

I, much like Olimp and a lot of people on the internet, was curious about what two actors from a US movie were doing on the cover of a Serbian textbook. Apparently, it was an honest mistake that the author corrected in later prints.

I can’t imagine the corrected version was as interesting as the old one, though.

2. She Has Fond Memories of a “Huper” Magazine

Anthony Carrigan

Aside from her funny 8th-grade textbook, one of Gia Olimp’s fondest childhood memories is reading a magazine called “Huper” with her sister.

We don’t know much about this sister of hers—not even her name. But we do know that she’s four years older than Gia. As the older sister, she introduced Gia to the magazine, which became their window to American culture.

3. She’s Vocal on Social and Political Issues

Gia Olimp

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Olimp doesn’t just share fun stuff on her social media. The chess player also uses her platform to shed light on important issues.

For one, she’s a vocal supporter of the BLM movement, and you’ll notice this right away in her stories and posts. She also speaks up about women’s rights.

In 2021, she shared an Instagram post about Palestine. She opened up to her fans, saying that she vividly remembers when her country was being bombed and finds it heartbreaking to see others going through the same thing.

Gia Olimp and Anthony Carrigan: What’s Up With the Duo?

Gia Olimp

While Olimp is a professional chess player, she’s better known as a celebrity spouse—the celebrity in question being Anthony Carrigan. Yes, that’s the brilliant actor who played Victor Zsasz in “Gotham.”

However, the current state of the relationship isn’t super clear. Some say the two are still together (and married, at that), while others believe they’ve split.

Here’s what we do know:

How the Two Met

Gia Olimp

One day, Carrigan was riding the subway in New York and got off at the wrong stop. Olimp had gotten on the wrong train altogether. As fate has it, these two mistakes left the duo standing on the same platform—alone.

Carrigan found Olimp gorgeous and walked up to her to start a conversation. Soon, they were dating and sharing their moments together on social media, from attending the “Barry” Premier and celebrating Carrigan’s birthday in style to chilling at home on a sick day.

Three years after that day on the subway platform, the two were married. On their wedding day, Carrigan said that going up and talking to that girl on the platform was the best decision he had ever made.

Separation Rumors

Louisa Noel Krause

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As heart-warming as that story was, it seems like the two are no longer together. No, they didn’t announce their divorce/separation officially or anything. Even Carrigan’s IMDb page still says that the Massachusetts-born actor is still married to Gia Olimp.

However, Anthony Carrigan didn’t take Gia Olimp to the Emmy Awards. Instead, he went with Louisa Noel Krause. Their hairstylist and groomer even referred to Krause as Carrigan’s “partner” on a social media post.

On the other side of the equation, Gia Olimp has been posting a lot of travel photos on her Instagram. But Carrigan is nowhere in sight in those pictures.

Final Thoughts

Gia Olimp is a private person, especially for a celebrity spouse. Even her relationship with Anthony Carrigan is mostly kept under wraps!

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