Kelly Baltazar: Kevin Baltazar’s Daughter, Caught with Drugs, Turns to Adult Films and Gets Wiped from the Web by Her father

Kelly Baltazar is the name of Kevin Baltazar’s daughter, one of the biggest names on Wall Street and in the banking world.

However, despite her famous father, her name has been more heavily associated with scandals and controversies.

However, Kelly Baltazar’s life is also surrounded by ambiguity and shrouded in mystery, with bits of her story scattered all over the internet, so here’s what I know about her.

A Brief Overview of Kelly Baltazar’s Life

Kelly Baltazar

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Kelly Baltazar, currently known as Kelly Jiayi Wang, is the name of the daughter of Kevin Baltazar, who was the vice president of the massive investment banking company Goldman Sachs.

While her name is associated with several controversies, she’s most known for her appearance in several pornographic videos during her college years.

Many of the details about Kelly Baltazar’s life have been taken down by her family over the years, so it’s hard to find new information about her, but here’s a brief overview of what I know about her life.

Early Life and Family

Kelly Baltazar

Kelly Baltazar was born to a very wealthy family, as her father was the vice president of Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world. Her mother is Karen Wang, who is of Asian descent.

Kelly was born on the 19th of June, 1992, in New York, which makes her 32 years old as of early 2024. She was an only child and never had any adopted brothers or sisters.

As you might’ve expected, Kelly Baltazar enjoyed a lavish life since her upbringing, thanks to her father’s wealth and status.


Kelly Baltazar

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Some sources claim that Kelly Baltazar attended an elite private school. Yet, there’s no solid proof about which school she went to.

The general knowledge, however, is that she went to Georgetown University after graduating high school.

This is where the first of Kelly’s controversies occurred, as she was allegedly arrested for possession of drugs during her first year.

After graduating college, Kelly didn’t go straight to university. However, she earned an art degree from Princeton University, where she created various multimedia works and sculptures influenced by her Asian American background.

She also holds a Master’s degree in Art History from Columbia University. Kelly Blatazar’s works are often associated with the human identity crisis, influenced by many of her life experiences.



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Despite her drug possession incident during college, Kelly’s name came under the limelight after shooting several adult videos during her college years, especially for studios that specialize in degrading genres.

According to unconfirmed rumors, Kelly had severe issues with her father, and she made the videos as a way to get back at him.

She then regretted doing these videos, and her father used his wealth and power to buy the rights to the videos and tried to wipe them off the internet using DCMA claims.

Some sources claim that her father is the one who leaked her videos. However, these claims are primarily incorrect because the consensus is that her father was deeply hurt by the videos and tried to take them down at every chance until his death in April 2020.


Kelly Baltazar

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Not much is known about Kelly Baltazar’s career right now. However, she currently describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist and scholar. She also has an official website where she showcases her projects and artworks.

To avoid her past, Kelly Baltazar is currently using her mother’s last name, “Wang,” instead of Baltazar. Her father even did the same through his final years, living under his mother’s last name of “Masterson.”


What Is Kelly Baltazar’s Net Worth?

Not much is known about Kelly Baltazar’s wealth. However, it’s believed that she is well off, thanks to the vast wealth she inherited from her father.

What Is Kelly Baltazar’s Ethnicity?

Kelly Jiayi Baltazar is half-Asian, as she was born to an American father and a Chinese mother.

Does Kelly Baltazar Have Social Media?

Kelly Baltazar always keeps her social media hidden. However, she has a private Instagram account (@jiayiwang_inkart) where she posts her artwork.

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