A $2.99 cutting board from Ikea gets an awesome facelift with a little paint! Perfect for gifts or serving at a party! | via My Fabuless Life

DIY Painted Cutting Boards

I’ve been seeing these awesome color-blocked painted cutting boards all over the place and have wanted a few for my kitchen for a while, if I’m honest, more for the purposes of looking cute on the counter than being useful, but the best things are those that are functional AND fashionable, right? So, I’ve seen…

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Love this awesome simple idea! Scrapbook wrapped pencils. | The Casual Craftlete

Inspiration² Link Party

Hey, hey!! I’m a little (lot) late to the party this week! I’m having too much fun hanging with Ms. Live Laugh Rowe herself while she’s here for SNAP!! Is it sad that we’ve been waiting for this day like kids at Christmas? I literally didn’t sleep the night before she came and it’s been non-stop…

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Ikea Ivar shelf styling | MyFabulessLife.com

A Little Shelf Styling

It’s a space you’ve seen once or a thousand times around here, and it’s actually one that I loved and had no intentions of changing, but my ridiculously high power bill sort of forced me into some furniture rearranging, and let’s be honest, I’m almost never opposed to a good game of musical furniture around…

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Love this inexpensive, light and bright breakfast nook makeover from Blesser House!

Fabulous Spaces | Inspiration² Link Party

Happy April! Is it seriously Easter on Sunday? We’ve been having some pretty amazing Spring weather here in Utah, so there’s been lots of working in the yard and getting those projects done that the winter blues have sort of put on the back burner. This week I’ve got two fabulous spaces for you that…

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real life

This Is Real Life | Workin’ On The Backyard

There are those days fleeting moments in life when your house is clean, the kids are quiet (in a relaxing sort of way, not a why are they so quiet sort of way), you know–those moments of bliss. Then there is real life, when you hear things coming out of your mouth that your college self could have never imagined….

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