Who Has Kicked the Longest Field Goal in NFL History?

As an NFL fan, you’re used to seeing bulky players kicking a small ball into the air. It makes you wonder: How long can these players kick the ball?

I’ll do you one better: Who has kicked the longest field goal in NFL history? Because it’s not about how long you can kick the ball. It’s how long and accurately you can do it.

Today, I come to you with the seven players who have kicked the longest field goal in NFL history. Let’s get right to it!

1. Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens – 66 Yards

Justin Tucker

If I had to describe Justin Tucker in one word, I’d use “accurate.” After all, the guy holds one of the highest field goal percentage records in history (90.2%).

Sure, his performance may have dropped a bit, but many NFL fans still argue that he’s the most accurate player in the league. Now, let’s talk about the goal.

Despite being famous for accuracy, Tucker didn’t think he could make that shot (ironic, I know). He knew he needed more momentum.

So, he took a few steps back from where he always starts. You’re probably thinking: “Would a couple of steps make that much of a difference?”

You’d be surprised. The Ravens’s special team coach, Randy Brown, said the kick was so powerful that it sounded like a bomb.

That bomb gave the Ravens a 19-17 win over the Detroit Lions. So, I guess not all bombs are Harmful, after all.

2. Matt Prater, Arizona Cardinals – 64 Yards 

Matt Prater

Matt Prater held the record for the longest field goal in NFL history before Justin Tucker came into the picture. He was playing with the Denver Broncos against the Tennessee Titans when he made his legendary shot.

How can one player switch the game’s flow in competitive sports? That was it for the Broncos. The team was down by one at the end of the second quarter.

However, Prater’s goal motivated the players to bring their A-game, and the Broncos won 51-28. Making such a shot was something Prater had dreamed of since he started professional football.

Do you know what he did after that goal, though? He said he could go higher. Prater told ESPN that he could consistently hit from 65 to 68 yards at practice. Talk about confidence.

His coach even said he saw him shoot from 70 yards. What do you think? Could Prater break the current record one day?

3. Brett Maher, Los Angeles Rams – 63 Yards

Brett Maher

You know, the 63-yard point has quite the history in the NFL. For the longest time, everyone thought that was the farthest any player could score. Why?

Because Brett Maher wasn’t the first player to make a 63-yard goal, numerous legendary players tried before him, and no one managed to go beyond that mark before Matt Prater.

Yes, that means Maher’s goal wasn’t as groundbreaking as you might think. It was still an incredible achievement since it was his second year in the NFL.

The shot came as the first half’s final play against the Philadelphia Eagles. Maher nailed his kick, giving his team, the Dallas Cowboys, a 27-3 lead.

4. Graham Gano, New York Giants – 63 Yards

Graham Gano

Today, everyone knows Graham Gano as the New York Giants’s kicking machine. Before that, he was known as the Carolina Panthers’s savior.

Maybe “savior” is a strong word, but how many Panthers players have scored from 63 yards?

Sure, Gano may not have been the first to score from that distance, but his goal was one of the more exciting ones. You see, he made that shot while playing against the Giants.

The game was a nail-biter, and both teams kept pushing each other to their limits. Then, with six seconds remaining, Gano made his shot, giving his team a 33-31 lead. Maybe that’s why the Giants decided to get him afterward.

Do you know what the funny part is? Gano isn’t a player who likes to be in the spotlight. So, scoring a career-high goal and having all that attention was an exciting experience for him.

5. David Akers, San Francisco 49ers – 63 Yards

David Akers

It was 2012, and Green Bay’s Lambeau Field was full of excited fans watching the San Francisco 49ers go toe-to-toe with the Packers. No one knew who would come out victorious—until the end of halftime.

You see, Akers made his shot from 63 yards just before halftime. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced through the uprights, giving his team a 16-7 lead.

San Francisco ended up winning this game 30-22. Some say Aker’s ball paved the way for the 49ers to dominate that match, but that’s highly debatable among the fans.

Whether you think it was the decisive shot or not, you can’t deny it gave the team a morale boost.

6. Tom Dempsey, New Orleans Saints – 63 Yards

Tom Dempsey

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Tom Dempsey was the first player to score from the 63-yard point in NFL history. He was the first player to score beyond the 60-yard mark, as Bret Rechicar held the previous record at 56 yards.

Although Dempsey isn’t the only player to score from that distance, he might be the most celebrated among those who have. Why?

Because he had a disadvantage, the other players didn’t. You see, Dempsey was born without fingers in his right foot and right hand.

So, you can imagine how difficult it was for him to play in the NFL, one of the most physically demanding leagues.

Not only did he do it well, but he also managed to break a world record. You’ve got to give the man some credit.

7. Matt Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 62 Yards

Matt Bryant

The Bucs and the Eagles have played each other several times throughout the years, but none of their games compare to that crazy 2006 match. It was pretty much one-sided, with the Bucs securing a 17-point lead.

Then, it happened: The Kick. Matt Bryant scored from the 62-yard mark, memorializing his name in NFL history.

Fun fact: Bryant lost track of the ball in the air. He only knew it went in when he heard the cannons firing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ever on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and the host asks, “Who has kicked the longest field goal in NFL history?” You know what to answer.

Ultimately, each player on that list had their legacy and influence on the game, and we shouldn’t use one goal as a measure of talent or skill. You probably know more talented players who haven’t even come close to scoring from a similar distance.

Ruthie H. Adams

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