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There are those days fleeting moments in life when your house is clean, the kids are quiet (in a relaxing sort of way, not a why are they so quiet sort of way), you know–those moments of bliss. Then there is real life, when you hear things coming out of your mouth that your college self could have never imagined. Like yesterday, when my five year old “emptied out her butt” (sand from the sand box) as she jumped on my unmade bed and I found myself yelling, “don’t empty out your butt on my bed!!” I slept in a pile of sand last night. You know, because in real life, I’m too lazy to change the sheets.

real life

After I’ve posted my pretty table (which stayed set up for only a few hours) or the updates on my living room, the real life happens. The stuff that we can all relate to and laugh about. Like when you wake up to your five year old standing next to your bed, crying and holding the front of a “drawer” because after five years of living in the same house, it just occurred to her that she didn’t know what was in the “drawers” under the sink…and dang it, she really wanted to know what was in there…and (sobbing) “I didn’t know they were faaaaakkkkkeeee. Gotta hand it to the girl, she’s got some strength ;)


And sometimes I’m just too damn tapped out to write a post, or I don’t have anything to write about, because, like today, I’ve been spending the whole weekend in the yard, or working between projects and never quite finishing any of them or getting that daily routine stuff done. So maybe it’s the over-sharer in me and the blogger in me, but I find myself, at least a few times a day, thinking, “I should write about this–I’ll bet other people can so relate.” But then I don’t because, well, it’s not a pretty, bloggy picture, and does anyone really want to hear about my life anyway? Well, whether you do or you don’t I’m starting something new around here: “This Is Real Life.” I don’t know if it will be a weekly thing, or a “when I feel like it” thing (chances are it’s the latter), but it will be a thing. So, here’s the real life stuff (and if I was being really real life about it, I would say s**t), that’s been goin’ down at our house as of late. Hope you at least get a little laugh and realize that we’re all in this same crazy boat. Anyway, enough rambling on and on. Here’s the real life stuff we’ve been up to this weekend. It’s a good one friends, because I’m about to let you in on a super, deep, dark secret…MY BACKYARD.


Please pick your mouth up off the floor ;) It’s SO gross. I know. In real life, sometimes we half ass things (like the patio addition). In real life, you turn the sprinklers on in the Spring and the line under the patio cracks, and said crack is 6 feet long, which sinks the patio (that was sort of half-assed in the first place) and the whole thing just becomes one big mess. In real life, you turn a wading pool into a sandbox because mom just can’t take one more day of kids cooped up inside!! For the love of my sanity!!

It’s not always this bad (you can see a trash bag and the broom where I had started cleaning), and it is Spring, so it’s been neglected for a few months, but I would be lying if I said that a good day out here was much better than this. And this isn’t the only shameful spot. I give you Exhibit B, my friends: the the worthless corner of my yard where things go to die. Like that scary, dark alley where you hug your purse and pray you don’t get shanked while you run through. Or, in this case, where you walk back and pray you don’t get bit by a Black Widow.


Again, I know…it’s NASTY!!! You can see how narrow this spot is and we had another sprinkler issue over here a couple of years ago and it was all just downhill from there. We started storing things over there for the winter, then weeds grew, stuff I was for sure going to repurpose or sell started going over there…like I said, downward spiral.

Two weekends ago, I decided enough! My daughter had spent two days straight playing in that makeshift sandbox, so I decided that this narrow corner of the yard would be the perfect, shady spot to create a little play area for her and I set out on a mission to clean it up, and we decided that we might as well fix the whole patio situation while we were at it. So we put our most fabulous yard work outfits on and got to work.


Oh, and that’s Chandler sitting in a giant hole, because in real life, you can’t fit a Bobcat in your backyard to move rocks (and you don’t really want to pay for it either), so you (meaning your husband) dig a five foot hole so you can bury the rocks DEEP underground and level out that damn patio.

backyard progress

So we actually had some pretty awesome progress, and the patio is almost completely put back together–and majorly improved. The side yard is cleaned up and waiting for gravel so we can move that “sandbox” over there, and I’m ready for some patio decorating, but it’s not quite there yet–and probably won’t be for a couple of weeks because, real life yo!




  1. Erika says

    I CAN’T wait until it is warm enough here (Pittsburgh) to be able to head out and fix up our backyard and patio! It is really bad! So glad your real life is like mine! haha

  2. says

    Our patio and around the pool is so dirty with pollen, leaves, etc. I can’t wait to get out there and clean it up. I spent the weekend cleaning out closets. I love to purge! I also planted a few plants in Home Depot buckets for the side of the house. I’ll have a post on that tomorrow! Have a great day!

  3. mary says

    My whole house looks like that.. I have a landscape company coming this week to do a renovation with edging, mulching, lighting, trimming and fertilizing. I have purchased four grow bags to replace my outdated planters. Since I don’t remember to water my plants I also got self watering things so all I have to remember to do is pour in the water. So don’t be ashamed. I don’t invite others to my house because it looks like a hoarder lives here. I know where everything is but the pile in front of my closet is so bad I cannot get in the closet. I need to adopt an organizer!!!

  4. Diane says

    Nice to know that there are those of us that have the same situations in life going on. Thanks so much for sharing, because that is truly real life, no matter how hard we all have life’s little issues to deal with. Thanks for being REAL!

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