This Is Real Life – New Baby Edition

So, admittedly things have been slow going jumping back into the blogging game around here. I just haven’t had the desire, or quite honestly, the energy (hello 3am feedings) to really do much around the house lately–lots to talk about, but no pretty pictures to post. I ordered a rug right before the baby came and I’m trying to convince myself that I like it just so I don’t have to admit to my husband that I want to change something up yet again, but so far my efforts in convincing myself have been unsuccessful. What really sealed the deal was when I realized that plaid won’t go with this rug in the fall or Christmas time. I mean how can I live without plaid? Welcome to the ridiculous craziness of my mind.

This is Real Life MyFabulessLife.comAnyway, for the last couple of years, I’ve really been feeling like I’m kind of rocking it at the housekeeping game. Like, things were pretty tidy most of the time and I thought I had just sort of figured out my perfect jam for keeping the house clean. Haha, funny right? Turns out, it was really just because my only child was in school the better part of the day and I had some free moments in my day to walk around and keep a handle on things. Also, lately we’ve all traded in most of our free moments for just sitting around holding the baby–we kind of love him. So as I set to work actually cleaning up this disaster zone on Friday (now two Fridays ago actually–that’s how long it has taken me to put a post together), I thought I’d grab the camera first and share a little bit of what it looks like around here when it gets really bad. I wouldn’t say this is typical, but these days, it looks almost this bad at least once a day before I find 30 minutes to at least do a quick sweep. So here we go with what real life looks like around here lately. (Be kind my friends, and hopefully feel better about the state of your house if it looks similar to this).

Real Life Home Tour - MyFabulessLife.comThe living room is where we, well, live, so it gets the brunt. It also gets cleaned up the most often because I can’t stand to sit in here in the mess.  But it’s currently serving as dining room (I believe the TV trays were left over from takeout the night before), my office where I still work my “non-blogging” job (TV trays also make good desks), dumping zone after work and school, and the hub of all things baby gear–how do such tiny humans have SO. MUCH. STUFF?!! I did move my bra off of the couch before taking pictures because, well, that’s just a little too much IMO. But not too much to still tell you that bras currently regularly reside on my couch given the whole feeding/pumping situation. And while we’re on that subject, I swear it is damn near impossible to find a decent nursing bra. Ladies, if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way, because so far all I find are expensive pieces of junk, thus bras sitting in my living room because I keep going back to the regular stuff. (Sorry if that’s TMI friends.)

Real Life Home Tour 2 MyFabulessLife.comWe did get the nursery mostly finished before he arrived, it’s mostly just missing things hanging on the walls, thus, no “big reveal” yet. But here’s your hardly-photo-worthy first peek at what the “working” nursery actually looks like. Sidenote: black furniture was the best decision ever! The child is MESMERIZED! He lays on the changing table and just talks and smiles away at those black bars against the white wall, it’s pretty hilarious.

Real Life Home Tour 3

Let’s not even talk about the laundry, or let’s do. It. Never. Ends. Which was always the case, but now my case of the ” ‘f**k-its” as we call it around here, has sort of grown, so…let’s just say, most loads end up getting run through the washer twice before they actually make it to the dryer. It’s about a 3 day turnaround on folding. And putting away? Well, that’s always been a struggle in my life…

This Is Real Life Home Tour 4 MyFabulessLife.comAnd our bedroom? Oh man, that’s like a flashback to my high school days. Funny little thing about my husband: he thinks an unmade bed is WAY more comfortable than a made one being freshly turned down. Where does he even come from? ;) Anyway, as he puts it, the bed situation has been comfortable for him lately. For me, it’s like cringey. I’m happy to report though, that it’s been made almost every day since I took these pictures two weeks ago. Small victories. Also, ever since the office turned into a nursery, we’ve still been trying to figure out that situation, so it currently resides in my bedroom and I’m not a fan AT ALL (also, it never gets used).

This Is Real Life Home TourAnd the piece de resistance: the bathroom. Look closely. Yep, that’s the back of the toilet sitting on the counter because that stupid toilet is broken for like the 5 millionth time–we’ll get to that eventually. Normally in regards to this room, I can also be heard saying, “Is it really that hard to throw your clothes in the hamper that is RIGHT THERE instead of the floor?” or “How is it harder to just put your toothbrush in the jar instead of the counter?” But, I’ll digress on that one today since given the current state of my bedroom, we all seem to have our struggles lately. BUT, one question while we’re on the subject of kids’ bathrooms: WHAT IS IT WITH KIDS AND TOOTHPASTE!? Like, does any even make it on the toothbrush? And how is it that when you go to put toothpaste on a toothbrush, globs of it end up on every. other. surface. of. the. bathroom?!!

So, that’s pretty much the state of life around here lately. I told my sister the other day that I feel like my mind is just sort of a mess at all times…along with my house…my car…everything, I’m just sort of winging it, frantically trying to get from point A to point B. BUT, that’s not to say I’m not soaking up every minute of this baby thing, which is why everything else is on the back burner. Fleeting moments, right? So we’re enjoying all of them right now.IMG_0117 (1)


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