The Home Depot DIH Workshop

Happy Monday my friends! I hope your weekend was fabulous! It was the first weekend that it’s actually felt like Spring around here, so we spent most of it in the yard working on projects and getting things prepped for planting and BBQ season. Every inch of my body is sore today and I’ve got wood stain from the tips of my fingers to my toes, but there’s something about that achy, sun-kissed, Spring-time exhaustion that just makes me happy!! Speaking of prepping for Spring, I’m so excited to share a little “Save the Date” with you today for a fun, simple project I’ve got coming your way next week. Isn’t this Hanging Gutter Planter a cool idea?

Hanging Rain Gutter Planter |


My friend Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe has so graciously asked me to join her and a few other awesome ladies to team up and create our own version of this hanging planter as a part of The Home Depot’s Do It Herself Workshops. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve got and see what the other ladies have created. So be sure to be here next Monday for our virtual party! In the meantime, you can register for the in-store workshop at Home Depot’s website–fun girls’ night out anyone?

AND, did you know that Home Depot offers these project workshops in all of their stores too? Three different kinds actually. The Do-It-Yourself Workshops, Do-It-Herself Workshops and Kids workshops. It’s a great way to learn everything from home repair and how to use tools, to cool home decor projects, and they’ve got something for any age and any skill level. So, head over and check out this workshop (and register!) and I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning with my take on this cool planter idea. Just a little hint, we’re going to be taking this a Farmhouse direction over here–little bit of a vintage vibe ;)

Click Here To Register For the In-Store Workshop


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