The Guest Bedroom

Well hey there! It’s been a minute (or two) since we last checked in together. We’ve had some seriously CRAZY stuff (in a good way) happen at our house in the last few weeks, so I’ve been on a little hiatus. I’ll tell you about the craziness in the next few weeks, but today: The Guest Bedroom. Yes, the Guest Bedroom. Here it finally is in it’s mostly finished glory. There are still a few things that need to be added and tweaked a little, but I’ll get to that over time and collect a few things here and there as budget allows. But for now, we have managed to at least turn it into a space that’s cozy, inviting, and functional for our guests. And since we only really have guests here a couple of times a year, I think it works just fine for us as it is now (that boob light still needs to go STAT though ;) ).budget-guest-bedroom-ideas-myfabulesslife-com

So, a little reminder of where we started:

One Room Challenge: The Guest Bedroom |

And if we go WAY back, THIS is actually what it looked like:


We’ve come a long way baby.

Since this is our guest bedroom and only really gets used a couple of times a year, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I wanted guests to be comfortable, feel like it was put together and they weren’t staying in a college dorm, but for as often as this room gets used, it just didn’t really warrant a huge budget.

The walls had been pink from when it was my daughter’s room (we moved her into a bigger room a while back), so I started by getting rid of the pink and painting the walls one of my favorite colors: “Natural Way” by Sherwin Williams. It’s somewhere between a really light tan and an off white. It’s really neutral, and a bit warmer than a stark white, but it still brightens up a dark room perfectly, which is just what we needed for this basement bedroom. Also, it goes well with white trim and doesn’t clash like a creamy, off-white would.


The mattress in this room had actually been my husband’s from his teenage years, which he also took with him to college (which was like 10+ years ago), so we figured it was time to replace it with something a little softer, nicer, and let’s be honest–less gross than the 20+ year old mattress that was currently residing in there. We went with the same mattress from Tuft & Needle that we used in my daughter’s room a couple of months ago. The in-laws slept on it for about a week when they were here at Christmastime and gave it an enthusiastic “two thumbs up.” I still can’t get over how comfortable these mattresses are that come in such a humble little box.


The headboard is an old hotel headboard that I got for like $20 at a yard sale. We used it in my daughter’s room, but she got a new one, so I just reupholstered this one with a drop cloth to keep it clean and simple. The pillows were all collected from ones I already had around the house. For the bedding, I wanted something fluffy and cozy, but again, not to expensive. Here’s my formula for an expensive bed that looks great (and feels like a fluffy hotel bed):

Inexpensive down comforter from a discount store like Ross or Homegoods + Inexpensive IKEA Duvet (which comes with two pillow cases–like $29.00) + A White Woven Coverlet Blanket from Walmart or Target (like $20).

I lay the lighter blanket on the bed, then put the fluffy comforter inside of the duvet and fold it at the end of the bed. It makes the bed look finished and put together, and is also functional because you can pull the duvet up over the bed when you sleep (or not, if you don’t need that much warmth).

I have a couch of my Grandma’s that I can’t quite emotionally part with yet, and I love the denim on it, but it doesn’t really fit anywhere in my house. I had actually originally intended to finally suck it up and just get rid of it, but my mother in law said it was nice to have a place to sit other than the bed, so I decided to keep it, and the denim ended up kind of working with the colors in there. I gave it a little pop of mustard with a throw I got for a steal on Black Friday and that seemed to bring it all together.


The art in this corner is a great, inexpensive option if you need a big piece to fill a space. I found it from a free art database online (here), sent it to Costco for printing, and then mounted it to two pieces of balsa wood from the art section at Hobby Lobby (stained in Minwax Provencial) and then just wrapped some twine around the top piece of wood for hanging.

I have a few of my mom’s collectibles that don’t really have a home in other places in my house landed on a shelf in here. This “art” is always kind of a fun conversation piece, it’s a list my mom made of all of her favorite things, that I typed up and framed. So I thought it would be kind of fun to put it in here. You can read more about that here if you’re interested ;) . (And please pardon the incredibly old photos.)

I wanted to make sure that guests had a place to hang coats or even clothing that needs to hang (the closet is still kind of full of my storage stuff ;) ), so I hung a hook (from Hobby Lobby) on the wall as you enter the room.


And finally, the dresser, with a few things that I think are essential for any guest room. A bedside lamp, an clock, a candle so it smells good, some fresh greenery (these pictures were taken at Christmas time, so this will be changed out with something a little more springy), and all of it in a basket where jewelry and keys and things can be safely corralled at night.

And there it is. The guest bedroom that is six months overdue! I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this in the future as I tweak a little, but it’s getting put on the back burner for a bit to make way for a pretty exciting new project that we’re jumping into over here. More on that one coming next week!


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