Summer Travel Journal for Kids

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It’s that time of year when the kids are finally out of school, the days are long and warm, and we start hitting the road to make those family memories. My VERY favorite time of year. I live for Summer and its long, unscheduled, carefree days. And I live for our Summer vacations. So today I thought I’d share a little idea for keeping those summer memories. A Summer Travel Journal for Kids. Summer is magical, vacations are magical, but experiencing those things through the eyes of your child, that’s just pure gold. You know, when they’re not tired, hungry, hot, hungry, need to go to the bathroom, hungry…. We do a lot of hunger on our trips (you’d think I starve her half the time), but what was I saying? Oh yeah, magic, back to the magic.

Kids Travel Journal

Seriously though, some of my best memories as a child come from our summer vacations, and watching my own child experience things for the first time or even better, experience the places and memories of my childhood, fill my heart so full I could burst. So I thought it would be fun, now that my daughter can write on her own and sort of use a camera (we’re working on holding it still while she clicks), to get her a little journal for our summer travels. From our little weekend camping trips, to the faraway places, it’s a way for her to record her take on our adventures, whether it be writing it down, drawing a picture, or taking a picture and taping it inside with a little caption. We do a lot of National Parks, so it’s also a great way to write down the interesting things she’s learned and retain that knowledge!! Yay for learning!

Travel Ideas For Kids - Kids Summer Travel Journal

Minted has thee cutest journals for kids that can be personalized with their name, choice of binding, and even lined, blank, or grid paper inside. Since most of our trips this year consist of road tripping and camping, I thought his Little Adventure Notebook would be so cute and fitting. I chose grommet binding and gridded pages so it had that authentic explorer look–I was thinking a modern Lewis & Clark! When I pulled it out of the package, I got a little giddy! It’s SO adorable! And it even has little trees printed on the inside and the back. We traveled to Bryce Canyon last weekend, so I waited to surprise her with it when we got there and she flipped when she saw it! She carried it around with her everywhere. And for a child whose parents blessed her with a unique name that she will never find on a souvenir license plate key chain, she was freaking out that her name was on it!

Kids Travel Journal - Travel Ideas For Kids

I packed it in a little bag, along with an instant camera, a pencil, some colored pencils, and of course, a few snacks and a bottle of water for the trail, because you know: hunger. I can’t wait for her to fill up the pages of this little book over the summer and to look back over the years and read what she’s written about our family vacations. She already got some awesome pictures from our trip to Bryce Canyon (she took all of them you see here and I was really impressed!) and she’s having fun filling it up. By the end of summer I expect it to be full of pictures and drawings, and the beautiful misspelled words of a six year old traveler. And added bonus: it’s something to do on the two 13+ hour car trips we have this summer to The Redwoods and The Oregon Coast. The journal will definitely be a new yearly tradition for our family. Even if you’re not headed out on vacation this summer, it’s a great place for kids to just record the day to day joys of summertime. It’s something that I know will definitely become a treasure in our house!

Summer Travel Journal For Kids

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