Summer Home Tour

Hey, hey!! Guess what day it is (remember those camel commercials? LOVED those!)?? It’s Summer Home Tour day, hosted by the wonderful Lindsay from White Buffalo Styling Company. If you’re just coming over from The Wicker House, welcome!! Isn’t Emily’s home amazing?!! I was so excited to be following Emily on the tour so that I could give her a little shout out because I ADORE her style!!  Serious house crush! Our group today is bringing up the tail end of the tours which started Monday, so be sure to start over at White Buffalo and make your way through all of the goodness! And now that we’ve had proper introductions, come on in to my house!

Summer Home Tour Entry Way

We are a summer people around this house. Well, the child and I are, for Chandler, it’s just one season closer to college football season and he’s not a huge fan of desert heat, but he’ll take it over humidity any day–just for the record. Anyway, we live for the pool, the sunshine, camping, and road-tripping! In fact, this was my view today:

Summer Home Tour Pool

And yesterday we crafted on the porch and waited for the ice cream truck. Also, crazy hair, disheveled by the pool is totally welcome at our house this time of year and we opt for bathing suits most days instead of clothes.

Ice Cream Truck

My goal for summer is for the house to be as relaxed as we are, spend as little time as possible cleaning and “froofing,” so we can spend as much time as possible at the pool, and to spend money on travels and memories, instead of stuff for the house. That’s right, not ONE new pillow was purchased for the summer season, which is good, because if I buy one more pillow, my husband may go find himself a pillow-free residence ;) So, the changes for the season around here are fairly subtle and mostly come in the form of clippings from my own flowers, or inexpensive flowers from the garden center at my home improvement store, and lots of shells, sand, and other treasures from our family vacations and outings. A lot of it is things we actually have around all year, but they just seem to fit in so perfectly this time of year. So grab yourself a cold drink and COME ON IN!

My most prized shell collection sits in the entryway. We collected all of these on a family trip to Monterey, CA last year–one of my favorite trips ever. And driftwood from another favorite vacation spot: the Oregon Coast, where we’re headed again later this summer.

Summer Home Tour Summer Decor Ideas

Summer Home Tour | Simple, no fuss ideas for sprucing up your home for summer.

More of our little treasures, including my favorite: sea glass (that big purple one is my crown jewel), and my daughter’s contributions: an egg shell that she thought cracked in a cool way, and a crouton that she thought looked like a crab leg, and thus deserved to be displayed forever. Can you spot it? ;)

Summer Home Tour Vintage Printers Tray

The kitchen and dining room recently underwent a pretty big change. If you’ve been around here a bit, you’ll notice that the walls are just a little lighter. Okay, a lot. I finally bit the bullet and painted the black walls white, and OH. MY. GOSH. what a difference!! I loved the black, but the white is SO light and bright! I also got rid of the shelf that I’ve had FOREVER. I loved it, but I was ready for something a little more minimal and clean. I STRUGGLE to edit and not just put all of my favorite things on display, so eliminating the shelf helps me to edit a bit and keep things more minimal. I’m betting if you ask my husband, this is NOT his idea of minimal, but baby steps…baby steps.

Summer Home Tour Dining Room

Summer Dining Room Summer Home Tour

Instead of store-bought flowers that die, I opted in a lot of places for plants and flowers from the garden center that should live longer and are way cheaper. We’ll see though, because I’m like a plant serial killer, so their odds in my house aren’t good. In fact, this is my third lavender plant in three months. My rose bushes EXPLODED this year too, so I’ve been cutting a lot of fresh flowers from the yard, but as luck would have it, this week it’s been CRAZY hot and the first round of blooms had browned and dried out a bit, so I haven’t been able to bring as many into the house.

Easy Summer Updates Summer Home Tour

The kitchen got the white and bright treatment too and…more fresh flowers, including my sad little basil plant :( It’s a little anemic looking, but it’s been alive for like 5 months, so we’ll consider it a victory.
Summer Home Tour Summer Farmhouse Style Kitchen

And I had to share two of my favorite summer finds! This little whale butter dish is like my FAVORITE Home Goods score ever (my little one thinks it’s pretty rad too), and THEE best smelling candle I have EVER, EVER, EEEEVVVVVEEEERRRR found: Watermelon Lemonade from Bath & Body Works. I discovered it last year and it is THE BOMB!!!

Summer Home Tour Summer Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Nothing much has changed in the living room since I added the new slipcovers to the couch.

Living Room Summer Home Tour

And revived the sad old shelf.Summer Home Tour Living Room Ideas

More driftwood from Oregon and Sand Dollars from Monterey (seriously, thee best shell finding trip ever).

Summer Decorating Ideas

And more plants with one of my favorite pictures of all time from a family vacation to the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago.

Summer Home Tour | Simple, no fuss ideas for sprucing up your home for summer.

And if you know me, you know this is my favorite spot in the house and it recently got a little change up too in the form of big, wonderful shelves to hold all of my sand. If you don’t know, I have been collecting sand from vacations, hiking, places we’ve made fun memories, since I was a kid. My mom started it and I have a little something from almost every vacation I’ve ever been on. And now my six year old has her own collection too.

Summer Home Tour Sand Collection

The little shelf we used to have just wasn’t cutting it and looked sort of odd for the space, so Chandler built these for me a couple of months ago. It totally transformed this weird little alcove. I love it.

Summer Home Tour Collect sand from your vacations for a beautiful, meaningful display

The little one found this heart rock a couple of weeks ago hiking by our house and it’s my new favorite.
Summer Home Tour Library Shelves

I also added a little drawer for postcards, maps, photos, and other memorabilia from our travels. We’ve already added some new ones from our trip to Bryce Canyon this past weekend and we’re headed to the Redwoods, the Oregon Coast, and one more National Park that has yet to be decided, so I’m excited to squish more memories in here before the summer is over. The photo you see is also a favorite of mine because it’s pretty symbolic. It’s my mom and her dad who passed away within a few days of each other, so it’s super meaningful and poignant to me.

Summer Home Tour Sand Collection Shelves

Our garage entryway is another work in progress, but I had to show you this ADORABLE sign from LZ at The Summery Umbrella. It’s my FAVORITE and you can order them in her shop.

Summer Home Tour Entryway

Simple and clean in the master bedroom with a few more fresh flowers. And are you noticing how everything in my house is slowly but surely becoming blue and striped? Can’t resist a classic! I spend a lot of time just sitting in here, staring out the window at the trees (which you can see reflected in the photo above the bed). What is it about watching leaves blow in the breeze that’s just SO calming?

Summer Home Tour Master Bedroom

Summer Home Tour Minimal Master Bedroom

Since it gets so hot here in the summer, we spend a lot of time in the basement too where it’s nice and cool. It’s still one of my favorite rooms in the house, and I haven’t touched it since I finished it a couple of years ago, except to steal some pillows every now and then ;) You’ll notice that the blue striped pillows sort of roam around the house. I should have bought like six!

Vintage Sports Themed Den

And finally, my VERY favorite spot of all this summer: our recently finished patio. I told my husband the other day that I guess I’ve officially turned into an old lady because I go outside every morning, trim the rosebushes, water my flowers and just sort of enjoy the weather and the beauty of the yard. And I LOVE IT. It’s my happy place, especially with an iced coffee on a Sunday morning.

Small Patio On a Budget | How to make the most of a small backyard patio.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! The next stop is my friend Kyla from House of Hipsters. Every time I see her house, I just want to go move in! And don’t forget to stop by all of the other beautiful stops on the tour!!


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  1. says

    love it all and i know how you feel about the dining room! when mine went from charcoal to white it was such a breath of fresh air! your home is so cozy, relaxed, and inviting and feels like a happy family home should- full of special memories!

    • says

      Thank you! Bless you people that live in the humidity! Every time I complain about 100 degree heat, I remind myself that at least it actually FEELS like 100 degrees and not 100 plus humidity ;)

  2. Susan M says

    Love the summer look. Where did you get the jars for your seashell collection? We found wonderful shells in Seabright, NJ when we visisted our son there at Easter.

  3. says

    Love your home tour, especially the natural collections. We collected sand from the last two beaches but never thought of displaying it like this. I’m totally going to start this, especially with our beach trip this summer being my son’s first.

  4. says

    Thank you for your sweet comments! Okay, I just LOVE your style so much and can relate to it on every level. I love all the beach accents and thoughtful touches. Have a Great Summer!

  5. says

    I love it all! Light and bright! I have two of those old sewing spool holder things (no clue what they are called) and I am now inspired to put them in my living room and start collecting little things in them. You don’t mind if I copy that idea, do you? And I LOVE the selves at the end of the hall!!

  6. Becky Horst says

    I love how eclectic your vacation treasures collection looks. I have collected shells from a few memorable vacays but have them displayed in identical jars all lined up. You have encouraged me to collect more and display it waaaay better. Also I adore the wooden scroll art you have above your kitchen sink window. Where did that come from? I have several spots that need something exactly like that.

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