Simple DIY Concrete Bowl Centerpiece

How is there barely a week left until Christmas?!!! I’ve been “Christmasing” since November 1st and I still feel like it sneaked up on me! Today I’m sharing probably the last project of Christmas, and it’s a FUN one: a Simple DIY Concrete Bowl Centerpiece. Back when Home Depot asked me to participate in the Holiday Style Challenge, they asked if I’d also be willing to participate in a DIY Challenge as well. I’m always up for a challenge, so I said yes. Then they said, “we’ll send you a mystery material, and you come up with something.” And I’m thinking, “I’m pretty creative, I’ve got this.”
Christmas Home Tour - Christmas Living Room | MyFabulessLife.comThen they sent me CONCRETE. And the screams started in my head. It’s a material I LOVE, that I’ve always wanted to try, but that quite frankly, intimidated me a bit. Guess what? It’s SOOOOO easy. Like literally, pour some powder in, pour some water in, stir. Then it does it’s own magic. Now I’m addicted. You’ll be seeing A LOT more concrete projects coming, but today I’m over on the Home Depot blog sharing this simple (I’m not kidding you, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is) concrete bowl, that makes the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas coffee table, or even your Christmas dinner table. You can find the whole tutorial over on Home Depot’s blog.

Click Here For Tutorial 

DIY Concrete Bowl Christmas Centerpiece |



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