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I am SUPER excited about what I’ve got for you today! My friend Lindsay over at White Buffalo Styling Co. is hosting another awesome round of Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours and I LOVE the theme this go-around: Work & Play. If you’re coming over from Design Post Interiors, welcome! If it’s your first visit here, I’m so glad you stopped by! Let me give you just a little introduction: We bought our small starter home, which has now become our forever home, in 2008 and it’s been a labor of love to flush out the ugly builders-grade and put our stamp on this little place of ours, but like most people, we’re on a budget, so it’s all about getting creative and getting our hands dirty around here. Slowly but surely, it’s coming along. If you want to see what my house looks like most days, you can see my Real Life Home Tour, but today, I cleaned the house and put on my best yoga pants to take you on a little tour of our Shared Home Office.

Shared Home Office

Our home office is a room that gets used a lot by both myself and my husband–we both do most of our work from home. And since kids tend to want to be wherever you are (and wherever you’re busy), I’ve added a few things in here that make it kid-friendly so that we can get work done, but also do that whole parenting gig.

Farmhouse Style Home Office

This has primarily been my husband’s office for the last few years, so when I “moved in” earlier this year after I started working solely from home, I tried to keep a lot of what he had put in here and not totally take over the space (as I can tend to do). I’m guessing he would still say I’ve taken it over. He’s a simple guy, I’m kind of a hoarder–it seems to be kind of the way things go around here.

Home Office

Office Bookshelf

Home Office Ideas

This room is right off of our living room, so my daugther tends to do most of her playing out there, but she also likes to sit with me quite often and do the whole creative thing when I’m in here, so there’s some art supplies for her to do her thing while I do mine.

Office Playroom

Home Office Play Space

I can’t talk about this room without talking about probably my favorite thrift score EVER. A friend of mine actually found this shelf out thrifting one day and didn’t have space for it, so it came to me for $20. Best $20 I ever spent! I think it’s an old mail sorter or something, but it works great for holding most of my craft supplies. I’ve been on a mission to PURGE THE CLUTTER for the last year, so most of my supplies fit on this shelf and in the closet in this room–a pretty big feat for this girl with some serious hoarding tendencies. And yes, that is an X-Files poster you see peeking from the corner of the bulletin board. The X-Files love runs deep around here.

Office Organization

This is probably the cleanest this desk has been in MONTHS, but I’m trying. I found this awesome file sorter basket for TWO DOLLARS at the thrift store a couple of months ago, and these awesome vintage drawers at the Vintage Whites Market, so they’re helping my organizing endeavors. Also, pencils from the Target Dollar Spot are a becoming a serious problem for me.

Vintage Desk Accessories

Shared Home Office Space |

Shared Home Office Space |

I found these bread baskets at Ikea a couple of months ago, and they make great mail and paper baskets, and they’re like two bucks. (Apparently there’s a two dollar theme going on around here.)

Farmhouse Style Home Office Ideas

Did I mention I have hoarder tendencies? Baskets are a serious weakness, but I’ve found that the wire ones make great little shelves. This one kept roving around the house getting shoved in closets, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with it, so I hung it on the wall and: instant shelf/bulletin board.

Wire Basket Shelf

And here’s where the rest of the supplies live: tucked away behind the closet doors. I bought one of these cubby shelves a couple of months ago and it’s been a dream for keeping things organized. Plus, it adds another little tabletop inside the closet, perfect for holding the printer and other projects that I want to keep out, but don’t necessarily want sitting out on the desk.

Craft Supply Storage

I screwed a pipe and flange into the wall to hang embroidery hoops, old dresser drawers keep my paints, brushes, and other supplies organized, and I use pant hangers to hang posters and prints that haven’t found a home yet.

Craft Supply Organization

In the other side of the closet, a few of the toys my daughter plays with in here the most, and a little bit of the supply overflow from the other side of the closet.

Shared Home Office Space |

And I think that gives you the full rundown of the space where we do most of our work with a little play mixed in! There are 30 talented bloggers sharing their spaces too, so be sure to take the full tour. And now I’ll send you over to the insanely talented Shauna at the House of Silver Lining–trust me, you won’t want to miss her space!!

Shared Home Office Ideas


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    This is AMAZING. I just LOVE your bold desk. I also LOVE anything buffalo check so that poof is perfect. I love how real and lived in your office is, while still being beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!

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    LOVE the green desk! What a fun room! You are so good at styling everything in such a warm, welcoming way! So fun getting to know your fabulous blog through this tour!

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    Your space is absolutely gorgeous . I love how you organize all your craft supplies. I also loved all the texture in the room. I would happily sit down to create in this space for sure! Xo

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