Photo Calendar Editing & Printing Instructions

Here you’ll find the instructions for inserting your photos into my free photo calendar template. I update these calendars each year and they’re great for gift-giving!

I love PicMonkey because it’s sort of like Photo Shop made easy (what I know of Photo Shop anyway–I always get intimidated when I try to go back and use it). I pay $5.99/month for PicMonkey service, but there are some features that are free. I’m honestly not sure whether all of the features I’m going to outline here are free, but you can do a free trial and cancel or pay $5.99 for one month and make as many calendars as you’d like. I’d say that’s still a pretty good bargain.

So, here’s how it’s done:


1. Download the JPEG calendar file templates HERE.

2. Go to and click on “Create New”How To Create a Photo Calendar in PicMonkey 1

3. Select “Computer”. This will open your file dialogue box, navigate to where you saved the calendar templates.
4. Click to open the January file
5. Click “Create”

How To Create a Photo Calendar in PicMonkey 2

6. You’ll now see the January page of the calendar open.

How To Make A Photo Calendar 5

7. Click “Add an Image”. Your file explorer will open. Locate the picture you want to add and click to open it. You’ll now see your photo on top of the calendar.
8. Drag the corners of the photo to adjust it to the size you want. Make sure when you drag, you use the corners so your photo proportions stay the same and it doesn’t get all stretchy and weird. You can also crop it by clicking “Erase” and the little crop icon on the GRAPHIC box on the right.
9. Once you’ve got everything good to go, click “Export” to save.

How To Create a Photo Calendar in PicMonkey 310. Be sure to save your file in High quality, and click “Export to Computer”
11. Once you’ve saved all of your files, you can either print from your computer, or send them to a photo center for printing I always print in 4×6 or 5×7.
12. If you want to print from home, the best (most paper-saving way) to do it is to click and drag to select all of your files, then right-click and select “Print”. If you’re printing 4×6’s, this will allow you to print multiple pages on one sheet. I like to print mine on heavy, matte cardstock.

How To Create a Photo Calendar in PicMonkey 4