DIY Friday: Take A Dip

Happy Friday!  Today I’m sharing one of my favorite trends: the paint dip!  This is one of those trends that I have to be careful about or everything in my house is going to end up taking a little dip in paint.  I love it that much, especially the wood & paint combo.  It’s a happy medium between painting something and letting some of that beautiful wood still shine.  Technically, I guess some of these projects would be considered color blocking, but lets not get all technical here.  It’s just plain awesome and adds a perfect punch of color.
So let’s jump into 20 21 {apparently I can’t count} of my favorite paint dipped goodies I’ve stumbled across in blog land:

I’m also in the “loves neon” crowd

{if you know me and gold…well you can guess how I feel about this beauty}
{by one of my FAVORITE furniture gals}

I’m loving everything about this!!

How do you feel about the paint dipped trend?  Love it? Hate it?  Want to dip your whole house in a can of paint? — my hand’s waving in the air on that one!


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