One Room Challenge Week 1: The Before & The Plan

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge? If you haven’t, you can get the whole rundown over at Calling It Home. Basically, there are 20 bloggers chosen to make over a room in 6 weeks, and then anyone else can join in the fun and link up their progress each week. I’m joining in with the latter group. Every year I watch blogging friends join in and kind of wish that I had done it, so this time around, I’ve decided to jump in on the fun.

One Room Challenge: The Guest Bedroom | MyFabulessLife.comThe room getting the “makeover”? Our Guest Bedroom. Are you surprised that it’s not my daughter’s room that I’ve mentioned working on a couple of times? That one is still in progress, but it’s slow, mostly because it’s a 7 year old’s room, which means it’s rarely clean, so I mostly just avoid it. Anywho, back to the guest bedroom, or as it’s known around here: Grandma & Grandpa’s room. They’re really the only ones who come stay at our house, so we’ve just dubbed it their room. My poor wonderful in-laws have sort of gotten used to staying in the room that normally doubles as an extra storage room. Right before they come, I usually end up “sprucing” it a little which means shoving all of the extra stuff in the closet. Last time they came, I had managed to turn it into somewhat of a proper guest bedroom: I bought new bedding, put a dresser in there, hung up some stuff, and it was really clean, but after they left that’s where it sort of stayed.

Inexpensive Guest Bedroom Bedding MyFabulessLife.comAnd then we came home to a water issue with our sprinklers a couple of weeks ago. The joys of home ownership. The carpet in both our family room and guest bedroom were wet from a slow leak in our sprinkler pipes. Luckily, the carpet was the only damage, no soggy walls or ceilings, THANK GOD! So we pulled the carpet and pad back to dry it out, and now this is the current state of the room. (It has also become the storage room for old baby stuff because Aunt Jenn has been babysitting a bit in the last little while, and had to pull out the old stuff while the nieces and nephews are here.) Does the bed look weird? That’s because there is a box spring and two mattresses currently stacked on top of each other. When we switched out my daughter’s bed, I wanted to keep her other queen mattress for the guest bedroom and get rid of the full, but then it occurred to me that I need a queen box spring to go under it–minor details. So, while it waits for the box spring and for us to be able to take the other one to the dump, we have a bit of a Princess & The Pea situation going on here.

guest-bedroom-before-myfabulesslife-comLet me assure you, I don’t make my in-laws stay in a room that looks like this. I clean it first, and at least shove everything out of sight. But I have to admit that we’ve never spent much money on this room. It has always been a hodge-podge of things that we have on hand. Hand me down bed, extra bedding, not much on the walls…you get the idea.

guest-bedroom-before-2-myfabulesslife-comSo…with Christmas coming and my in-laws coming to stay for Christmas, I figured now would be the perfect time to tackle this room once and for all. A proper space that shows them how much we love them coming to visit and gives them a homey place to stay when they’re here. The plan, as with most things around here, revolves around budget.

guest-bedroom-before-3I’m not planning any major expenses, but I’m toying with the idea of just pulling the carpet out and painting the cement floor. The walls are still pink from when it was my daughter’s room, so they need to be painted, things on the walls, and a few things to make it a more functional guest bedroom. So it will be more of a “spruce” than a full makeover. I’ll be “shopping the house” and re-purposing lots of things to make it a cozy, inviting space for our guests. It’s hard for me to really nail things down in the beginning of a project, because I kind of just like to let it unfold as I find what I like, but today I’ll leave you with an idea of the direction that it’s going and we’ll see how it unfolds over the next couple of weeks.


Headboard, Wayfair | Bedding, Ikea | Yellow Velvet Pillow, H&M Home
Cable Knit Pillow, Leather Pillow, and Lamp Base & Shade, Target | Light Fixture, Home Depot
Rug, RugsUSA | Art | Dresser

Some of these sources are admittedly a little bit pricey for my budget, so stay tuned for lots of DIY’s to get the look for less (my favorite)!

You can check out all of the other people linking up here. I was AMAZED by the rooms that were done last year, and I’m excited (and slightly) nervous to tackle this entire room over the next 6 weeks!


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    I love the vision! I am always torn about making a “mood board” for my upcoming projects. On one hand, it’s great to have all my ideas in one place but on another, sometimes I end up going in a different direction based on what I find and then I feel like I am “betraying” my original plans. I’m crazy, I know;). I want to join the one room challenge some day and I have the perfect room, our guest/sewing room!

    • says

      Thank you! And I totally agree on the Mood Board thing. It will be interested to see how closely I stick to it, because I’m definitely a wing-it type of gal, sticking to a plan is HARD for me!

  2. says

    Love the reality of your befores! We have plenty of those rooms in our house too ;) Your plans are fab, can’t wait to see it all come together!

  3. says

    I know Grandma and Grandpa are just as excited to see this transformation as we are! I’ll be keeping up with you each week and can’t wait to see the progress.
    Hugs, Lynn

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