Morgan Harvey: Steve Harvey’s Adoptive Daughter, Daughter of an Ex-Convict, Now a Multitalented Culinary Expert

Everyone knows the beloved TV personality and host, Steve Harvey. His comedic talents and charismatic personality have won the hearts of many fans over the years. But do you know of his equally talented and adoptive daughter, Morgan Harvey?

While Morgan could’ve easily stayed in the shadows of her father’s success, her passion for culinary arts drove her down a different path. Determined to leave her mark on the world, Morgan embraced the spotlight on her terms.

In this post, I explore all the pies Morgan Harvey has her fingers in, including cooking, entrepreneurship, and writing. Let’s get to it!

Morgan Harvey: Early Life & Family

Morgan Harvey

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 1st, 1988, Morgan Harvey has quite a unique family.

Steve Harvey is her adoptive father (fun fact!), while her biological father is Jim Townsend. The latter is an ex-convict. He’s spent decades in prison due to his involvement with the illegal drug trade.

As such, Morgan’s biological parents got divorced when she was only five years old. However, Morgan’s mother, Marjorie, a fashion designer, would meet Steve Harvey shortly after. After a couple of years of dating, they married in 2007.

Morgan found unwavering support and love from her adoptive family. It’s why she’s embraced Harvey’s surname and formed strong bonds with her step-siblings from Harvey’s previous marriages.

It’s a big family if you think about it! Marjorie has two other kids besides Morgan, named Jason and Lori. On the other hand, Steve has four kids: Brandi, Karli, Broderick, and Wynton.

Morgan Harvey: Career Timeline

Morgan Harvey

Believe it or not, Morgan holds a prestigious education from the Culinary Institute of America. There, she honed her skills in baking and pastry, realizing her passion for the culinary arts early.

After graduating, she started to work for prestigious bakeries and special events companies. During that time, she built her reputation as a talented chef and gained invaluable experience from well-known chefs.

Armed with such knowledge, Morgan decided to build her brand. She went on to create I Need Some Mo’, which she dedicated to sharing easy and delicious recipes with the world.

You can check out her website for more information! Scroll through to witness the dedicated following of food enthusiasts Morgan has gained over the years. Steve also brought her on the show once to show off her cooking – watch here.

In addition to her extensive online presence (take a look at her Instagram!) Morgan has authored the e-book Party Heart as well. The book features a collection of her party recipes, including some she used in her daughter’s second birthday celebration.

Morgan Harvey: Personal Life

Morgan Harvey

For many, Morgan’s personal life is a source of joy. In 2013, the talented chef married her college sweetheart, Kareem Hawthrone, and took his name. Her husband is also known as DJ Bruckup.

Their love story began at Spelman College. They met during a campus event that Kareem’s fraternity house organized. They quickly fell in love and have been with each other since.

The couple’s bond only deepened when they gave birth to two beautiful daughters—Elle Munroe 2015 and Marley Jean in 2020.

If you’ve scrolled through Morgan’s Insta page, you might have noticed how frequently she shares her happy family life on social media.

Morgan Harvey: Scandal With Mother

Morgan Harvey

Recently, some rumors mentioned an altercation between Morgan and her mother. According to sources, Morgan accused Majorie of abandoning her and her two children.

This alleged abandonment has fueled speculation about animosity within the family—especially after Majorie’s ex-husband, Townsend, hinted at revealing undisclosed aspects of Majorie’s behavior.

While the details of this conflict remain unclear, Majorie has remained absent from Morgan’s social media posts, which is odd for such a family-oriented woman. As a result, this fueled the rumors of a strained relationship between mother and daughter.

Morgan Harvey: Net Worth

While her net worth isn’t publicly disclosed, estimates suggest that Morgan Harvey’s net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million. This impressive financial standing is probably because of her successful career as a chef, her entrepreneurial ventures, and her book deals.

Closing Thoughts

Despite being part of a high-profile family, Morgan chose to carve her path, embracing her love for culinary arts. She used her impressive talents to build a thriving career and business empire.

And yet, the multi-talented woman still finds the time to be a loving mother and devoted wife to her wonderful family!

Images source: Instagram

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