Master Bedroom Peek

So, I think I’m just gonna call this the year of finally getting stuff done! Today I’m THRILLED to be able to show you some real progress in our master bedroom, which has been a room in process for, well, pretty much since we moved in. For the last few years (mostly since we became parents), our bedroom (which is right off of our main living area) has sort of just become the second laundry room that we happen to sleep in. At any given time you could probably walk in and weave your way through the seven baskets of sorted laundry sitting on the floor. BUT, in my cleaning and organization sweep in the last few months, lots of things (including the laundry & baskets) have finally been consolidated and found a proper home, which meant I finally got to take back this room for Chandler and I.  So, I’m still finishing up lots of little things, but I thought I’d show you some of the progress so far.

master bedroom

The whole room had to sort of revolve around this dresser. It was my mom’s growing up, then I had it in high school and it came along with me when I got married. When we moved in, Chandler and I painted it (our first real project together—awwww) and he LOVES this dresser and really didn’t want me to change it. The problem is that it’s cream, and I really wanted to do this room white, but when your husband doesn’t make a lot of requests and is more than understanding of all your crazy ideas, you accommodate, and I’m actually glad I did because it set the tone for the whole palette of the room. The mirror is one of the projects that’s still in process, and most of the stuff on the dresser will be changing.

master bedroom dresser

My other goal in this room, and actually probably the biggest goal, was to make it as gender-neutral as possible. I’m not an really frilly person anyway, but there are florals and pops of pink and feminine touches all over our house, so I wanted this to be sort of the flower free zone. It’s inevitable that there will be some stuff in here that a guy probably wouldn’t pick for a bachelor pad, but dang-it, I’m trying–and so far succeeding pretty well I think ;)

nightstand styling

In my efforts to keep things gender neutral (why does that term make me think of a baby shower?) the bedding has ended up really neutral too. I bought an inexpensive comforter and sham set and then just sort of added pieces I had and picked others up here and there. So, also on the list before this room is done, is adding some color, also a request from the hubs–someday he’ll appreciate the neutrals–someday ;) And, something at the head of the bed. I’ve got a few ideas swirling around in my head, but I haven’t quite decided on the headboard (or not) situation yet.

neutral bedding

And that’s about where things stand at this point. I’ve got some simple projects I’ll be sharing over the next week or so and then hopefully I can mark this project done and show you the whole shebang!


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    Love the gender neutral pieces – and for some reason that makes me think of a baby shower too. :) And how is is that to still have your mom’s dresser. Can’t wait to see the final reveal!

    Also, I think I love your nightstands (from the small glimpse I can see of them). Where are they from?

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