Living Room Changes

Well, enough talking about it today is the day I get to show off the changes that have been happening in my living room! Ever since our big renovation two years ago, this main living space of ours has been top on my priority list to finally get looking the way I want. But like everything else around here, it’s an exercise in patience that comes with time, budgeting, and finding and collecting things I love so that it all comes together the way I want. In my world, rooms don’t come together in a day or a week–they are collected. And this room is finally ALMOST there. Over the past few months I’ve made a few small changes in here that finally make it feel like the cohesive living/dining/and kitchen space that I’ve been striving for. So today, I’m excited to share some of these small changes that seem to make such a HUGE difference.

vintage crates

One of the changes that had the most impact was finally adding curtains to our 12ft windows. The back of our house is South-facing, so on a sunny, WINTER day, we average 80 degree temps inside while it’s chillin somewhere in the 20’s or 30’s outside. It’s great for our heating bills and beautiful, natural light, but 80 degrees in the house, even on the coldest of winter days, can get sort of miserable. Summer is a different story–you don’t even want to see my AC bill. So these curtains were born out of equal parts necessity and vanity. BUT, if you’ve ever priced curtains, you know that even the cheapest options aren’t all that cheap. When you have 12 foot windows, even making them yourself can get crazy expensive. So, I went to my favorite, inexpensive fabric option: drop cloths. I bleached them and hemmed them, and for about $50, I finally had my 12 ft curtain panels. (More coming on that soon.)

light and bright living room

Then, my favorite part, because I’ve been waiting for it for quite a while: I finally bought a new couch! We’ve been through a series of hand-me-downs, crappy purchases, and more recently, a dark sectional that we actually pulled up from the basement until we found something we (“we” meaning “I”) wanted for this room. I have hated the dark sectional, in fact, even if you’ve been a long-time reader, you probably haven’t seen much of it because I avoid having it in photos :D It’s now back down in the basement where it works much better. I found this slip-covered Pottery Barn one at a local outlet-type store for $200 right after the New Year and it was a done deal. I’m pretty awesome at finding deals, but deals this good NEVER happen to me, so I knew it was fate. My husband thought I was crazy for buying a cream couch with a child and dog, but it’s holding up beautifully and I’ve already washed the covers once. The loveseat came from my grandma’s house and it’s meaningful to me because I helped her pick it out for a room we redid together. It still smells like her house and I love to just sit in soak it in (is that odd?).

open living room

Next came the rug. I was originally going to buy this one for my dining room, but decided against having something so light underneath where we’re eating. I’ve been waiting for about 9 months for it to come back in stock so I could order it for the living room, and I did a little happy dance the day that it was not only back in stock, but 75% off. Rugs USA is hands-down my favorite place for rugs (and that’s not sponsored people, just the truth).

coffee table styling

Then my favorite part: pillows and accessories! My husband has been begging me to add color (you may remember his bar stool project ;) ), and I was kind of feeling like all of the gray and black and white just wasn’t jiving with the lighter couches. So, I went on the hunt for mint and yellow–somehow I always find my way back to greens. I found some amazing pillows at Ross along with this basket for the coffee table for $6.00!

coffee table centerpiece

My favorite studded pillows had to stay (much to my husband’s dismay–he’s not a fan).

living room ideas

I switched out the gallery wall a bit so that I could fit in needlepoints that also came from my grandma’s house.

gallery wall

And now, I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking :D

gray living room

raw wood end table

vintage storage crate bookshelf


  1. says

    Jenn love all the changes and that rug! yes please. Do you have a source for the arm chair (wood arms with crocheted throw in the last pic)? I’d love to know where I can get that. Thank you.

  2. says

    Looks all kinds of FABULOUS — and if I remember correctly, we were talking on the phone when UPS delivered that rug. I could hear the excitement in your voice. xoxo

    • teressa says

      I love the color of your living room and I have searched high and low for it in your blog, but I just can’t seem to find it. what is the color, if you don’t mind???

      • says

        Thank you! I love it too! And it’s so funny you ask, because I actually just found the old can of paint when I was cleaning out my garage yesterday. It’s an old Martha Stewart color from Home Depot called Bedford Gray. I will e-mail you a picture of the mix “recipe” from the top of the can ;)

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