Kay Malone: Beloved Wife of NBA Legend Karl Malone, Fell in Love Through Pen Pal Correspondence

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably heard the name Kay Kinsey and know how it’s often linked with Karl Malone. Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise since Kay Kinsey or Kay Malone is well-known as NBA legend and former LA Lakers player Karl Malone’s beloved wife. 

But did you know that Kay is more than just the wife of an NBA legend? In fact, Kay had a career long before he married Karl.

That said, it’s no surprise that Kay was a former supermodel, given her grace and eloquence despite already being in her late 50s. Apart from her modeling experience, Kay is also an entrepreneur and proud mom to four children. 

So, if you want to know more about her life, career, and relationship with the NBA star, let’s dive in!

Who Is Kay Kinsey?

Kay Kinsey, or Kay Kinsey-Malone, is a retired American supermodel and wife to NBA Legend Karl Malone, hailed as The Mailman in court. She married the Hall of Famer in 1990 and was blessed with four children.

When it comes to her early life, Kay was born to parents Celestina and Bob on August 8, 1964, but it’s not known whether she has siblings. 

At the same time, she was born and raised in Idaho, United States. The ex-supermodel is of mixed ethnicity and stands 5 ‘8’’ tall. Now, Kay is 58 years old and living her best life in Louisiana together with her husband and family. 

Kay Kinsey’s Education, Net Worth, and Career

Kay graduated from Boise State University, a public research university in Idaho. There’s no available information regarding the program she took or when she took off from the said university. What’s certain, nonetheless, is that Kay Kinsey is already an established name in the modeling industry—even before she married her famous LA Lakers player husband. 

If you ask me, her relevance isn’t only because of her last name!

To further prove this, did you know that Kay Kinsey rose to prominence after being crowned Miss Idaho in 1988? The ex-supermodel was 23 years old at the time. 

However, Kay quit modeling upon marriage to Karl. The couple has been busy running their businesses, especially when Karl retired from the NBA in 2005. While Kay’s net worth is unknown, her husband’s current net worth is $55 million.

Businesses Owned by Kay Kinsey

Businesses Owned by Kay Kinsey

After playing 19 seasons in the NBA, the 14-time All-Star and two-time MVP decided to quit and run family-owned businesses instead. 

The retired NBA legend and wife Kay own several restaurants (like the Teri Yaki Grill in Ruston) and some timberland operations, trucking services, and commercial development companies, collectively under his Malone Properties business. 

A Glimpse of Kay Kinsey’s Personal Life

Regarding her life behind the camera, Kay is a supportive wife, mother, and grandmother who loves to celebrate her loved ones’ endeavors or spend quality time with them. 

From her Instagram posts, we can see snippets of their adorable family moments and gatherings. Kay frequently updates fans with photos of her husband or children, never missing an occasion (birthdays or wedding celebrations) or milestones. 

Shen mostly posts updates about her husband Karl and the activities involving the NBA superstar as a pro basketball retiree and businessman.

Kay also talks about embracing grandma life and spending time with her grandkids. In one of her posts, Kay shares that being a grandmother is the best feeling of love and that cherishing moments and making memories matter. 

Kay Kinsey’s Family and Children

Kay Kinsey’s Family and Children

Kay and HOF husband’s love bore four beautiful children: K.J., Karlee, Kadee, and Kylee. Most of their children are inclined toward marketing and business rather than sports.

The couple’s firstborn, Kadee, was born in 1991 and is an entrepreneur and advocate of phytocannabinoids. She currently co-manages The Legends32 Lounge with her father. However, their second-born, Kylee, is rarely visible in media, so we’re unsure about her whereabouts. 

The thirdborn, Karl Jr. or K.J., was born in 1995 and is a football player and entrepreneur. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter, Karlee, is a social media star and model who got married recently.  

Kay Kinsey and Karl Malone’s Married Life

Now, over 30 years married, we can say that Kay and Karl’s marriage stood the test of time. Amid all the controversies surrounding their marriage life, the couple’s bond is a testimony that love conquers even the pressure and challenges brought by fame. 

Also, there’s a pretty interesting story about how the couple met and fell in love. The star-crossed lovers met in Salt Lake City when the HOF was signing autographs. The two began to exchange letters until they finally hit it off and decided to date for real.   

Where Is Kay Kinsey Now?

Where Is Kay Kinsey Now

Apart from being busy with their businesses, Kay’s Instagram posts show that she’s enjoying her family life and loves spending time with her grandchildren. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some related questions people ask about Kay Kinsey:

Who is Karl Malone’s ex-wife?

While Kay is Karl’s first and only legal wife, the legend is speculated to have had kids in his previous relationships, though Karl refused to confirm some of these rumors. The only confirmed revelation is that Karl and High School sweetheart Bonita Ford had twins when they were only 17. 

Why did Karl Malone retire?

Karl decided to leave the ring for good after his knee surgery. The legend was only 41 when he made up his mind to quit basketball in 2005.

According to Karl, if he can’t bring his 200% performance (100 mentally and 100 physically), then he can’t possibly offer anything. 

Why is Karl Malone called “The Mailman”?

Karl earned the title because of the fact that he always delivers or gets the job done. His consistent performance and high-scoring ability as a power forward for the LA Lakers prove that the legend earned this title. 


Kay Kinsey-Malone is a former supermodel and wife to former pro basketball player and entrepreneur Karl Malone. The couple has four kids and are now busy managing their business enterprises.

Besides being a former supermodel, Kay was also a beauty queen, hailed as Miss Ifaho in 1988.

Images source: Instagram

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