How To Add Legs To Furniture

The story of this cabinet getting legs is sort of a typical example of how things work around my house. A couple of months ago, I realized that one of my favorite little spots in our house was wreaking havoc on my power bills. This cabinet (which happens to be one of my first projects ever here on MFL) was parked right in front of one of our big air returns so the air flow was terrible and my AC and heat were working like triple overtime. Sometimes function wins out over fashion, and I moved it out of its home and bought a new shelf to put in its place–which fits in the space and fits all of my stuff waaayyy better anyway.

How To Add Legs To Furniture

So I moved it over onto this little wall between my kitchen and my dining room, and I loved that it sort of created some visual separation between the living room and the dining room, but its height was making it look out of place, it needed a little something. Then I remembered a cabinet I had seen at a flea market and had been kicking myself for passing up and realized this one would look similar if I added some legs. Worth a shot right?

Repurposed Vintage Cabinet

It’s crazy how easy this is, in fact, I’m basically just going to show you the pictures. Start by grabbing some legs at your home improvement store (they’re usually by the lumber & these were about 6 bucks each), and these little, leg attachment plate thingys–that’s the technical term folks.

How to Add Legs to a Cabinet 2 My Fabuless Life

Screw the plates to the underside of the furniture, and screw the legs in. I stained my legs after I had attached them (and they went a little dark for my liking, if I’m being honest).

How to add legs to any cabinet My Fabuless Life

That’s all there is to it. So basically, I moved this shelf out of the spot where it was blocking the air return, bought a new shelf, that doesn’t block the air return, to replace it, and then ended up making this taller anyway, which means it would have worked exactly where it started :D Like I said, typical story around my house (can you hear me LOLing?). Also, did you know that it’s Summer Tour of Homes week over at Shabby Creek Cottage?! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can start over there, and I’ll be jumping on on Thursday with brand new rooms in my house–(that means that I actually finished a project my friends ;) ).


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