The Guest Bedroom

I’ve come to this realization that I wait and wait to post rooms and projects until they’re totally done and perfect, and most of the time, they just end up not going up at all because, well, when are things every perfect? Or really finished? So, this year I’m working on sort of sharing things as I go and as they play out in real life, and today I’m giving you a little peek at a room I don’t think that I’ve ever really shared here before: The Guest Bedroom/My Office. There’s a reason this space remains virtually unseen, and it’s because it’s usually got a third function as the storage unit for my hoard of, whatever. My in-laws are our most frequent guests since they live out of state, and then we’ll have the occasional unexpected guest. My sister who lives 45 minutes away came and spent the night a few months ago when we were hosting a baby shower at my house and as usual, I was racing to throw all of my junk into the closet and get the bed inhabitable for a human to sleep in. And that’s usually how the story goes when we have people over. It hasn’t been the inviting space that I’d like it to be for guests. It’s been more of the “sleep in Jenn’s craft room space,” and I don’t like my guests feeling like they’re an afterthought. So in the last month or two, I’ve been on a mission to make this a functional work space for me, but also a guest bedroom that makes our guests feel welcome, not like an imposition.

vintage dresser in the guest bedroom

The biggest change in here was really just clearing out a lot of the stuff that despite my best, continued efforts, didn’t work. It’s a big room, but I had a lot of furniture that I wasn’t quite willing to part with and it was just killing the flow and vibe of the room. You know what’s funny? When I actually got rid of some of those pieces that I felt sooooo attached to, it was like 1,000 pound weight lifted off my shoulders and the room started looking GREAT! What’s the saying? If you love it, let it go. ;) Apparently sometimes it applies to s**t STUFF too and that’s been my motto since Christmas. My house is like a whole new, happy world (but more on that another time).

guest bedroom

On the flip side of the coin, this room is also an example of where my hoarding sort of paid off, because I bought almost nothing new in here. Everything is pulled from things I already had and wasn’t using anymore, especially the bedding. I had an old coverlet from my parents (things that were my mom’s are hard for me to part with), and a second chenille bedspread (just like the one in my daughter’s room). Since the coverlet is cream and the bedspread is white (I love mixing the two), it gave me a lot of options for using other pillows I had around. I used two from some old bedding of mine that my grandma gave me for my wedding, two lace envelope shams that were my grandma’s, and then a bunch of pillows that needed a new home after I changed up the living room. It’s a totally random mix of color and pattern, but for now, I’m really digging it.

guest bedroom bed

The dresser is part of a bedroom set that was my great grandma’s so it needed to find a place somewhere in my house and this was the perfect spot. The wood color of the headboard and the dresser are sort of fighting with each other right now, but I can’t bring myself to paint the dresser, so I’m working on a solution for that one. The skull and party hat sort of randomly happened as a joke for my daughter while I was cleaning out the room and they were waiting to be put away in the Halloween box, but it’s one of those quirky, random things that makes me smile, so for now it’s staying while I try to decide whether it’s creepy in a guest room or amusing ;)

guest bedroom ideas

Finally, to make things functional, I added one of my favorite mirrors that’s lived in about 10 different places in my house, a lamp, a candle, and a little wood bowl (these are like $0.75 at the thrift store and have about a million and one uses) for jewelry, keys, that sort of stuff. And enough room left in the basket I placed them in for cell phones and wallets, you know, the bigger stuff.

A guest bedroom dresser that's pretty and functional for your guests.  |


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