Grace Harry: Usher’s Second Wife; During Custody Battle, First Wife Tameka Foster Spit on Harry for Visiting Her House

Grace Harry is mainly known for being Usher’s ex-wife, but she’s much more than that. The businesswoman has been in the entertainment industry for decades, which is how she met Usher.

Harry worked in marketing alongside numerous musicians. However, she finds joy in spreading happiness, so she branched out and became a “Joy Strategist.”

Do you want to learn more? Please keep reading to learn about Grace Harry, her large family, and her ties to different artists.

Grace Harry Biography

Grace Harry

Grace Harry was born in Brooklyn, New York, on April 2nd, 1969.

Having a mixed ethnicity, Grace’s multicultural upbringing made her the open-minded woman she is today. She respects all traditions and loves celebrating different events with her friends from all backgrounds.

Grace is also an avid traveler. She doesn’t just go to different countries to post about it. Instead, She immerses herself in the culture, encouraging her travel buddies to cherish the location and experience.

Grace Harry Career

Grace Harry Career

Grace Harry is as hardworking as can be. She’s been hustling for over 30 years, rarely taking a break.

In the early 90s, Harry worked in catering before opening her own catering company, which led her to the entertainment industry. She was The Cosby Show’s executive chef and catering provider until its end in 1992.

Afterward, Grace Harry fell in love with the entertainment business. She decided to shift careers and started working for big names in the music business.

This includes roles for Jive Records, Geffen Records, and MCA Records. Then, she got a massive promotion as a top executive at Def Jam Records, where she was vice president of marketing and creative services.

When Harry met Usher, they collaborated professionally. She became the R&B star’s manager and brand strategist. Accordingly, she was responsible for his entire career, from managerial decisions to marketing and image.

Naturally, she couldn’t stay in the same position after divorcing Usher. Instead, she became a “Joy Strategist.” This job entailed maintaining the emotional well-being of artists signed to different production companies. She worked with superstars like Jay-Z and Lauren Hill.

Grace Harry’s ambitions didn’t stop there. The businesswoman put all her life’s knowledge and effort into a book, The Joy Strategist, released in 2020 and became a massive hit.

Harry also shares her knowledge with the public through social media. She’s hosting a podcast, Play With Grace, which she nicknames “The Joycast.”

Grace Harry Family

When it comes to Grace Harry, nothing is more important than family. She has two sisters and plenty of nieces and nephews. That’s not all. Harry also has plenty of friends she calls a second, chosen family.

Let’s take a look at the closest relationships in Grace Harry’s life:


Grace Harry’s Children

Grace Harry has two children from previous relationships before meeting Usher.. First, she gave birth to a daughter, Leaf, on March 26th, 1995.

Since Harry works in the music industry, it’s only natural that her daughter is interested in music. In particular, Leaf is a huge fan of R&B music and has recently launched her career.

As a successful musician, Leaf released numerous singles, including Nada with rapper Lil Yachty. Her latest song, Picky, has garnered about 100,000 listens on Spotify in less than a month!

As for Harry’s second child, it’s a son called Raiden Wolf McLean. Raiden has once reportedly been romantically linked with Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah Marley.

Relationship with Usher

Usher’s Second Wife

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The most famous relationship in Grace Harry’s life is her marriage to Usher. Harry, who is eight years older than Usher, met him sometime in 2009. However, their relationship wasn’t made public until 2015, after their marriage.

The pair had a romantic, low-key ceremony in Cuba without media coverage or paparazzi.

However, eagle-eyed fans speculated that the couple tied the knot when Harry shared a picture with a wedding band on social media. Then, Usher confirmed the news on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

You can’t be in a relationship with superstar Usher without getting in a bit of trouble. Grace Harry has gotten into a controversy during a custody trial between Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

The singer revealed that Foster spat on Harry when he and his girlfriend arrived at Foster’s house. Foster confirmed the claims, justifying her behavior by saying Usher has been having an affair with Grace Harry while still married to her.



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After two years of marriage, Grace Harry and Usher split up. Following the breakup, Grace took a break from dating and focused on herself. However, this didn’t last long, as she quickly fell for Ahmir Thompson, famously known as Questlove.

Questlove is a music producer, drummer, and leading man for The Roots. You probably recognize this band as the house band for The Tonight Show, which has been starring Jimmy Fallon since 2009.

Since Quest and Harry are both incredibly private individuals, there’s little information available on how they met or the exact date when their relationship started.

In a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Questlove revealed that he and Grace Harry had been dating for a while. He described her as “a godsend” and affectionately called her Gracie.

Quest and Gracie have been going strong ever since then. The couple frequently appear on each other’s social media. Questlove has even made memorable appearances on Leaf and Raiden’s Instagram accounts, proving his strong bond with the whole family.

Currently, the couple reside in New York City. They live in a penthouse that they nicknamed “The Playhouse in the Sky.”

Final Thoughts

Grace Harry is one of the most exciting women in the entertainment industry. She might have entered the industry by chance when she got to cater The Cosby Show. Yet, she fell in love with this career, which completely altered her life.

Usher isn’t the only famous man in Harry’s life. After getting a divorce from the musician, Harry started a relationship with producer Questlove.

There’s no predicting what’s next in Grace Harry’s career. The successful business woman can do everything from managing Usher to releasing a book and hosting a podcast!

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