Once upon a time, I asked my mom for the whole New Kids on the Block bedroom shebang: comforter, curtains, pillows…and then, with the word “no,” she crushed my dreams of being cool. I think I got a NKotB t-shirt as a consolation (and wore it like every day). What I know now is that my mom was in fact smart, because she was unwilling to spend insane amounts of money on things when she could create something way cooler, for way less (even though at the time, I still thought she was just mean).  Basically what I’m saying is that crushing my daughter’s dreams of having a My Little Pony or Disney Princess room is not my fault, it’s my mom’s–it was bred in me. Adelie forgave me as soon as she saw her room though. It’s totally girly, totally her, and I did manage to incorporate things she’s “totally into” as she says. She’s actually spending time in there (queue the angels singing for my sanity), and keeping it clean! (Although that may also have something to do with promises of a pet fish if she keeps it clean long enough.)

This is what we started out with way back when we moved into the house. Sort of a storage/guest room. After we moved her in we painted and made it a little more girly, but it’s been a space in transition for quite a while.

This room basically revolved around a couple of things:

The pink armoire.  She LOVES this thing, so I couldn’t really bring myself to paint it.  My child cries when I sell furniture, no joke, so I couldn’t really bring myself to traumatize her by painting her “pink” as she affectionately calls it. Plus I really love it and wanted to keep the color if possible.  The walls were also already this soft shade of pink and I really didn’t want to paint again.  But, operating around a huge pink piece of furniture can be challenging, until you’re at JoAnn’s one day and find the fabric of your dreams.

The fabric was what sent me in exactly the direction I wanted to go with this room. After almost a year of playing around with things in here, bringing in different fabrics, and colors and feeling like nothing worked, I found this geometric fabric with basically every shade of pink imaginable.  The print, the colors…it was like it was sent from heaven.  
One of her other requests was “purple,” which is usually like one of my least favorite colors.  I don’t know if it’s the inundation of Radiant Orchid as the Pantone Color of the Year or what, but I’m actually sort of digging a little purple lately, and I loved this fabric with all of the deep and light purples, mustard, and pinks. The background of this fabric is the coolest, softest shade of a champagne, blushy pink I’ve ever seen–I’m SO in love with it. What’s even better was that it was all on killer sale, so I got about 8 yards of fabric for around $30.00.
Then there were unicorns. When did those make a comeback? A glorious comeback?!!!  If you’d said “unicorns” to me a year ago, my thoughts would have gone to Napoleon Dynamite style t-shirts with unicorns riding rainbows.  Now? I sort of can’t get enough, and neither can Adelie.  So…I came up with a color block print (which is available in my shop in several colors). Purple (a super soft shad of lilac) and pink were by her request. When I asked her if she loved it, she said, “Yeah, buuuttt, well, I sort of expected it to have an eye and for it’s horn to be…more sparkly.”  Ahhh, the honesty of a child.
I added some mirrors and pictures, and her first ballet costume for a small gallery wall.

You know what will make a girl love her room?  Fur + a mirror at her height.  She thinks this throw on the back of the chair is the greatest thing ever (like a princess chair) and walks in and out of her room endlessly to check the mirror.  You can find my tutorial for the embroidery hoop bulletin board here.

I found a new place for her artwork, and added glitter letters over the bed. I wanted something a little “inspirational” and more unexpected than the usual “DREAM” or “PLAY.”  She loves the song at the beginning of The Croods, so “SHINE” was the perfect word here.  And it’s in glitter–sometimes I’m so poetic.  I also upholstered an ugly, old, hotel headboard.  She’s convinced that she now has a legit princess bed.

On the other side of the room, there’s a little reading/creative corner.  We’ll probably have to incorporate a desk here at some point, but since her room is in the basement (hence the lack of light in the pictures), she does most of her artwork upstairs (I’m not trusting enough for art supplies in her bedroom yet), but she loves to “read” and color on her chalkboard, so this space is perfect for her.  I added a few smaller embroidery hoop bulletin boards to show off more of her art and pictures.  I decided to paint the trunk mint to break up all of the pink and purple a bit.

Finally, just a few of our favorite details around the room.  I’ll be back later this week to start sharing tutorials and sources for all of the stuff we put in here.

Other Projects In This Room:


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    I almost can’t even comment without sounding like a creepy who loves everything you touch. Ha. But, I really adore this room. You have such a talent at adding just the right amount of fun and unique and I just love that.

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      What west elm bag? Can you add a link for that. And your pink and purple room is so beautiful. Little girl and grown up all at the same time. All the creative details are what bring it all together. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    You are literally the coolest person since ever! I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS ROOM! Ugh. Wow. I just dont know what to say really. Every single detail is amaze balls. The clock, trunk, A&Z, cute dainty strands of banner on the stick, that blanket, fur, glitter. My heart sings.

    Ive got one child. A boy.

    Anyways, I found you through the link. Party palooza. Im following you on all your social media. Id love to be friends, so im leaving an invitation to follow back!

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    I have been searching the world wide web for months and months for a “big girl room” that inspires me and lives up the vision I see in my head and your room has totally fired a spark for me…finally. So thank you so much!! How much would you mind if I copied your branch and shine idea? I would link back to you! Actually, could you just come and do my daughter’s entire room exactly like this one? hehe Thanks again. I’m excited to get started now!

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