Free Printable Easter Placemat For Kids

I love Easter. Like on a ridiculous level. In fact, it would have to be a very close second to Christmas. And considering that Christmas means winter and I’m so over the cold, Easter may just currently be in first place. I mean really, a holiday centered around Spring, baby animals, and beautiful soft colors…what’s not to love? So today, I’ve got a super fun Free Printable Easter Placemat for Kids for you. It’s really two of my favorite things coming together: Easter and stuff that keeps kids entertained so the grown-ups can enjoy dinner too. AmIRight?

Printable Easter Placemats

This may look familiar if you were here around Thanksgiving time. The Thanksgiving version of this placemat was such a hit with my daughter (and me), that one for Easter was a no-brainer.

Children's Easter Table Setting

At first glance, it’s just a cute little vintage bunny (you can find the image over at The Graphics Fairy), and it would be totally fine to leave him just sitting there, staring at you with that cute little face. But where’s the fun in that?

Kids Easter Table Setting

Enter the embellishments. My daughter thinks this is the funniest thing and has so much fun dressing this guy up. Just cut them out, scatter them on the table and let the kids change him up to their little heart’s content

Easter Activities for Kids

And if they get bored with that–I mean, it’s kids, so we know how that whole attention span thing goes–there’s a word search on the other side. And sidenote: I can’t get enough of that bunny in the middle of the table. Cutest little face ever.

Kids Table Activities

I’ve created two sizes: 11 x 17 (which is what I used, but since it’s not sized for a home printer, I had to print it at the office store) or 8.5 x 14 (legal size), so you can print it out and home. The link to print the embellishments (just a regular 8.5 x 11) is also below.

Free Printable Easter Placemat 11×14

Free Printable Kids Easter Placemat 11×17

Easter Placemat Embellishments

In case you want to pin for later:

Free Printable Easter Placemats for Kids


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