Okay, I know it’s like two days until Fathers Day, but if you’re in need of a quick, last-minute gift, I’ve got you covered!! 
When you think of “Father of the Year,” Kenny Powers would definitely be at the top of that list, right? Okay, okay, probably not, but when I was watching a little Eastbound And Down the other night (did you know it’s free on Amazon Prime now?), I heard him say this and thought: THAT is a perfect quote for Fathers Day because it sounds like something that would come right from my husband’s mouth–we’re a tad sarcastic around our house. It also basically sums up the way I feel about my own dad. What dad couldn’t use an extra little dose of Kenny Power’s confidence in his day?

This will be going on the wall in Chandler’s office so he can have a little daily reminder of just how awesome we think he is.

You can find last year’s Free Father’s Day Printables HERE.


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