Fall Table Inspiration

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I love Fall. When the nights come a little earlier, there’s that magical crisp in the air, and everything just seems to get cozier. Oh, and football. There’s football. That’s a BIG thing around our house. Life seems to slow down a bit in the Fall too, which means more time for gathering with friends and family, and if you know me, you know I love a good get together. If I’m being honest, largely because it means I get to be a little fancy and enjoy great company. There’s something about gathering with friends and family that truly just fills my soul. BUT, if you know me, you know that I’m also about casual and inviting–nothing too stuffy. You could say I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, and when I set a table, I go for that same casual, relaxed atmosphere that feels put together and intentional, but inviting. So today, I’ve teamed up with Cost Plus World Market to share some Fall table inspiration and share some of my favorite tips and tricks for setting a table perfect for those casual gatherings I love so much.

Fall Table Inspiration

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Whenever I set a table, whether it’s for a casual get together or a more formal affair (which still tends to stay pretty casual around my house), I always like to start with neutral basics like white or cream plates, linen napkins–maybe sometimes a linen tablecloth, although I often opt for a more casual runner.

Neutral Table Basics

Once the basics are covered, next comes my favorite part: mixing colors and textures. When you build from neutral basics in the table linens, dishes, and flatware, it’s easy to add the colors and textures of the season. I’m really feeling the blue and gold jewel tones for fall this year, mixed with the traditional deep oranges and rusty reds. So in addition to my linen napkins I always have on hand, I love these simple blue striped napkins and these floral ones with the hints of deep oranges and reds and the blue and yellow, and these rustic blue and white bowls. Choosing a few colors and keeping them consistent helps to create that casual but cohesive feel.

Fall Tablescape Colors

Another of my favorite tricks when setting a casual table: forget the fancy stemware. I love tumblers, especially some fun colorful ones, of course in this case, more of that fabulous jewel-toned blue and gold. There’s something about a glass of wine in a tumbler that makes me think of family style dinners at a rustic wood table on some European hillside–all of that because of a tumbler, don’t I have a vivid imagination? ;)

Fall Tumblers

And speaking of textures and color. Never be afraid to mix metals–one of my favorite things. I love all shiny things equally, so some brass and rose gold mixed with some hammered bronze works perfectly in my book. Add some rustic wood and it’s, well, golden. Serving trays, barware, flatware, some pretty candle holders…mix it up. And same as the napkins situation, mixing it all up means more options.

Mixed Metals Fall Table

To complete the look, there is always greenery or branches of some sort on my table. Without it, there’s just something missing, and I love these olive branches for fall. Whether they’re in a vase, or just laid down the middle of the table with some candles mixed in.Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year or just having a casual gathering with friends, World Market is my favorite treasure trove of goodies for your Fall table.

Fall Table Inspiration MyFabulessLife.com

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