*I was provided with product for this post, but all opinions are my own*

I have this slight affinity for advent calendars and Christmas countdowns–probably just another symptom of the Jenn brand of Christmas crazy and the fact that I basically live for Christmas all year long, so I need like 30 ways to count down to the big day. When Cricut sent me a roll of their gold glitter iron-on, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to use it for!  Meet my gold (are you sick of the gold around here yet?) glitter Advent Calendar.

I spray painted an old frame and stretched some grey felt around the glass (actually plastic) and hot glued it in place on the back.  I found the muslin bags in packages of 12 on the wedding aisle at Michael’s (with my 25% off entire purchase coupon, they were $8.00 for two packages).  Then I cut out my numbers according to the directions on the package. I cut them 3 inches for 1-9, then alternated between 2 and 2.5 inches for the double-digit numbers.  (Cut with the A Child’s Year cartridge–one of my favorite fonts.)

These new Cricut tools are THE BOMB (and I love that they’re white and now give you built in hook-ability for organization).  The tiny change of angling the spatula was a game-changer for me!  It works so much better.  The weeding tool (the pink one) has always been one of my favorites, especially for vinyl transfers and using vinyl for stenciling.  It’s like the Operation game of crafting.

When you iron onto the bags, iron the bag first to warm it up (and get the wrinkles out), then iron the numbers on, then turn it over and iron the back as well so they really stick.

I used pins to hang the bags, and since the the felt was just adhered to the glass, I just slid the pins straight down instead of sticking them in like a bulletin board.

 I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with this gold iron on.  It is SO sparkly, and I fully expected to have glitter EVERYWHERE when I was done, but not one speck came off.  NO BS.  Have you ever cut glitter scrapbook paper?  That stuff gets everywhere.  This. Does. Not. Move! And my favorite part: it looks totally “professional,”  like you bought the product.  T-shirts and onesies anyone?  I’m already dreaming mine up.  I’m addicted to this stuff (shocker, right?  Gold. Glitter.  It’s a given.)



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