Change the Look of A Room With Custom Slipcovers: A Comfort Works Review

Thank you to Comfort Works for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

I’m so excited about what I’ve got for you today. You know nothing excites me like a good, simple change that makes a big impact. This is one of those things. Let’s talk about furniture for a minute. It’s one of the biggest investments in a room and also makes the biggest impact because, well, it’s the biggest thing in the room. Nothing can kill the vibe of a beautiful room like that old, worn-out sofa, but who has the budget to just buy a new couch or chairs every time your design whims change (which if you’re me, is fairly often)? So if you have a few nice pieces, or just pieces you love, but you’re just in the mood for a change, let me introduce you to my new love: Custom Sofa Slipcovers and Lillberg Slipcovers from Comfort Works.

Custom Slipcover Review Comfort Works MyFabulessLife.comI had heard of Comfort Works through a few friends who had gone with an Ikea Slipcover and loved their results, so I was thrilled when I found out that they also do custom sofa covers too. I’d been looking for something to change up the look in my living room a little, and find something a bit more kid and dog friendly than the cream covers I had–hello constant paw prints on the arms of my couch. I have to admit though, I was NERVOUS about simply sending some measurements and getting back a slipcover that actually fit my couch. To say I was pleased with the end result would be the understatement of the year. The true test: my husband LOVES them. I was blown away by the results and can’t say enough about how smooth and easy it was both the measuring and working with them. And of course, most importantly, quality: they are fabulous!! We started the process by choosing several swatches that I wanted to try out and then they sent them to me in a cute little package. I ended up going with Herringbone Cement (the one on top) and Leige Biscuit for the chairs (which isn’t pictured here).


While I was deciding on my fabrics, Comfort Works sent me instructions to take several pictures of my couch at different angles, and they returned the pictures with mark-ups for all of the measurements they needed. Can I tell you the most amazing part?! They knew when my measurements were off and sent back e-mails asking for clarification on a few the measurements. Apparently it’s just like basic arithmetic, but this math challenged mind was in awe! (Yes that’s my dog’s behind–she isn’t very cooperative when it comes to taking pictures.)

Custom Slipcovers

After all of the measurements were sent in, and double-checked, I chose things like piping/no piping, pleats/no-pleats, and then waited anxiously for them to come, which also happened way faster than I was anticipating.  Everything showed up in a cute little bag at my door and it was like opening presents on Christmas morning.

Custom Slipcovers By Comfort Works Review

And the moment of truth: they slipped on and fit like a glove! Also an awesome bonus: they can add a hidden zipper on the back of the sofa cover so that you can just unzip it when you want to pull it on and off. Way less tugging and pulling. It’s awesome!

Custom Slipcovers

And as much as I’m in love with the couch, please just let me gush for a minute about the chairs. I just want to hug them, roll around on them, stare at them…I could go on. I have not loved these chairs, in fact, I’ve been looking for new ones but just couldn’t bring myself to pay $400+ per chair. They are the Lillberg Chairs from Ikea, which are actually discontinued, so I couldn’t even get new covers for them. So, for the last couple of years, I’ve just had the raw cushions on there without the original white slipcovers. I liked the rustic look, but they were getting dirty and I can’t believe the difference the new slipcovers made. They’re so much more polished looking.

Slipcovers for Ikea Furniture

Ikea Furniture Slipcovers

I really can’t say enough about how much I love what this simple change did for the room and how awesome Comfort Works was to work with. In fact, I have two other couches that I’m pretty sure are calling Comfort Works name. Just to give you a little idea of the change-up, here’s the same room last fall:

Blogger Stylin Home Tours: Fall Home Tour

And now with the new slipcovers. A new, fresher, more cohesive look and it was much easier on the budget than a whole new sofa. And whatever you need, it’s a pretty good bet they’ve got it. Whether you need a replacement slipcover for a new or discontinued Ikea model (that’s their specialty), or a custom slipcover–they’ve got you covered. All you have to do is send them a picture of your furniture to get the ball rolling.

Small Farmhouse Living Room

Custom Slipcovers Farmhouse Living Room



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