Christmas Mantel: My Nativity

Okay, so I don’t actually have a mantel, but as you may have noticed in the past few months, this little shelf in my kitchen has filled the lack-of-mantel void in my little heart (I really long for a fireplace).
I wanted to make sure that my nativity was the star of this “mantel” show and that everything I added would complement and enhance it, so I kept the colors really neutral, and stuck with my current trend of mixed metals–mostly gold.

A simple garland to add a little softness and sparkle.
After all of the whites and metals were added, I felt like it needed a little color, so I hung a lone little branch, cut from a massive pine in my grandma’s yard {which you may have seen on Instagram}, from the mirror with twine.  And, of course, every nativity needs a star, so I used a left over kraft paper star from my garland project.

To finish it off: the {free} printable I recently shared shared with you and a silver vase with gold eucalyptus {from the dollar store}, a tree branch I may or may not have kidnapped from a tree outside of my office, and a few little pine branches.

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