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Here we are, Week 3 of the Christmas Home Tour Series hosted by Ashley from Cherished Bliss. Can you believe there are only TWO more Saturdays until Christmas? If you’re coming over again from Little Glass Jar, a big, warm Holiday welcome! Thank you for stopping by. Isn’t Ashley’s house gorgeous? I just love her style. And now that you’re here, let me give you a little tour of my Christmas living

Our snow finally arrived this past week, so we’ve been doing a whole lot of just getting cozy by the glow of the tree.

Christmas Home Tour - Christmas Living Room | MyFabulessLife.comI don’t know about you, but for me, Christmas decorating seems to be a process of constant tweaking and adding things here and there. Case in point: my tree. I have LOVED my red, classic tree, but for some reason, every time I looked at it, something was just off. It was missing a few of those unique things that make it me, so, the other night, after my husband went to bed, I got out some of my vintage and handmade ornaments, tucked the garland in a little bit so it looked a little less “formal,” and added a little more metallic and white and toned the red back just a touch.


Then I got my camera out yesterday to start taking pictures for today’s post, and I started noticing all of the places in the house where I should still add something, tweak something, and then I thought, “nope“. At some point, you have to just be done and enjoy the season. So that’s what I’m doing. I ordered a few wreaths for the windows that are still waiting to be picked up at the store, and they may just come home and go straight into the storage room until next year, because with Christmas two weeks away, and our big annual Christmas party with friends this weekend, I’m ready to just sit back and enjoy the season! The company, the Christmas specials on TV, the baking, the memory-making stuff. No promises that I won’t walk by a shelf and rearrange or add a little something, but I’m stamping the major decorating FINISHED.


I’m kind of ridiculously excited to show you this rare angle of my living room. I’ve mentioned before that our house is small and open, so once you’re inside, you can pretty much see the whole thing, and the kitchen, dining room, AND living room are rarely clean all at the same time, so this is an angle you rarely see. Those deep red pillows are one of my favorite finds this year. Target has awesome, velvet pillow covers in just about every color for $9.99–they’re a STEAL!! christmas-decorating-ideas-myfabulesslife-com
I usually just change up my basket on the coffee table for the seasons, but this year, I changed it up a bit more and added a tray with some Christmas elements like antlers, fresh greens and Santa bells that I found at Home Depot for like $5.00. I also made a cement bowl (tutorial coming soon) and filled it with pillar candles and more fresh greens. You can buy bunches of fresh greens at Home Depot for $6.00 and they’re perfect for spreading around in baskets, tying onto gifts, or just putting in a vase or pitcher to add a little Christmas to a room.


I used the same wrapping theme upstairs as downstairs because I just can’t get enough of the polka dot & plaid combo. Also, yes, these are real Christmas gifts. I’m actually this close to being done shopping for Christmas. Holla!!!

In keeping with the snow-covered vibe that’s going on around here this year, I switched out the flowers I usually have in this Mercury Glass vase for a flocked pick, some dried eucalyptus, and some sticks.
living-room-christmas-tour-myfabulesslife-comI also hung a big wreath on my “hall” shelves and added a few other Christmas touches. I’ll share a closer look at that little nook later this week. christmas-living-room-ideas-myfabulesslife-comAnd that’s our Christmas Living Room! Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you found some inspiration! christmas-living-room-home-tour-myfabulesslife-com

And now I’m so thrilled to be able to send you over to my friend Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage. I just adore her and her style and I know you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Bonnie says

    Really, really, really pretty. I’m so glad that you’re planning to “stop” and make memories with your family because I think the decorating you’ve already done is perfect.

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