Free Printable Easter Placemat For Kids

Free Printable Easter Placemats for Kids | Vintage bunny that the kids can decorate with fun embellishments.

I love Easter. Like on a ridiculous level. In fact, it would have to be a very close second to Christmas. And considering that Christmas means winter and I’m so over the cold, Easter may just currently be in first place. I mean really, a holiday centered around Spring, baby animals, and beautiful soft colors…what’s not to…

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DIY Halloween Masks for Dolls

Simple DIY Halloween Masks for Bitty Baby and American Girl Dolls FREE PRINTABLE MASK TEMPLATE |

Most days I feel like I’m really wingin’ this mom thing. And then there are those rare days when I’m like, “Adelie, why am I the most awesome mom in the world?” Yes, I actually asked her that yesterday while I was making little Halloween masks for her dolls. She agreed that I was amazing,…

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Kids’ Art Party


My daughter turned four last week, and if you’ve been around here for a bit, you know that art projects with her are a frequent activity.  So, naturally, she requested an art themed birthday party (then the night before, changed her mind to a princess/pirate party “like her cousins”–too late my dear, too late).  Yes,…

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Drop Cloth Scrap Bulletin Board


What do I love? Ten minute projects! What do I have? Drop cloth coming out my ears! Okay, so apparently there’s been too much Dora going on at my house.  In fact, every time we go somewhere lately, my daughter yells “Where are we going?”  about 30 times and expects you to be just as…

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