Budget Friendly Master Bedroom Updates

One of my goals for My Fabuless Life in this new year is to share more of the rooms in our house as they are. “Real Life” is where we all really relate–probably because it’s where we all actually live–go figure. I don’t know about you, but magazines for me are the “in-an-ideal-world” goals, not the reality. I don’t live in a magazine. As I’ve reflected on my sort-of “burn out” over the last year, I realized that a big part of it was this idea of perfection that all of a sudden I’m trying to achieve here. I have SO many projects that I’ve done that are sitting in “drafts” because there wasn’t that one last piece that finished a room, or some piece of furniture wasn’t quite right, or it just wasn’t Pinterest-perfect. But you know what? In the real world where most of us live, or at least in my world, there are budgets, there are kids, and there aren’t big room makeovers all the time. Spaces are collected when we have the time and the money and, at least in my case, when I come across that awesome find (which is usually on sale) that I just can’t live without. And that gets right back to the root of why I started this little space of mine. I collect spaces in my home made from memories, things that reflect our personality, and ingenuity born out of budgetary necessity. I don’t usually have the time to do a gigantic overhaul of a room and I definitely don’t have the money. The point I’m getting to is that this year I’ll be showing you more projects and spaces as I go around here and I figured today, my Budget Master Bedroom is a perfect place to start. There’s an old couch that isn’t in the greatest shape, but it works, walls that still need pictures hung, and things like bed skirts that still need to be purchased, but it’s also a lot of really budget-conscious pieces that I’ve sort of gathered over the past few years to bring together a room that, while it might be minimal, is cozy and calming.

Budget Master Bedroom MyFabulessLife.com

First, let me show you where it started–with a really old grainy Instagram photo, because it’s the only one I could find. This picture was 73 weeks ago!! A year and a half to get my bedroom sort of done, but that’s how it goes. And I’m pretty darn happy about it when I see how far it has come and for what was spent (and keep in mind, the money was spent over the last year and a half). SO, I’m also going to give you the budget breakdown with this room today.


If you remember the last time I showed you this room, you’ll notice that it’s not all that different, but I’ve added a few things in here and there.The biggest change in here was a new bed. It’s a pretty noticeable difference. We were lucky enough to buy it from my dad for a steal of a deal after they upgraded their bed, but I can truly say that after sleeping on this one, a good bed is truly an investment that is worth making, I will never go back. (And, if you’re in the market for a new bed, but don’t have a big budget, Costco has some pretty crazy deals this month). And I know a used mattress might be really gross to some people, and I would agree if it were strangers, but it was from my parents, so I was pretty confident that it was trustworthy ;) Different strokes, right?

Simple Master Bedroom Updates MyFabulessLife.com

We also went from a Queen size bed to a King, so I had to buy new bedding. Why does bedding have to be so freaking expensive?!!! So, true to form, I collected it over time. I always buy my cotton sheets at Costco, because they’re great quality and the cheapest I’ve found for the quality (like $50.00 for King Size), and I usually buy a new set of flannel sheets every year at Target when they’re on sale. I couldn’t pass up the plaid (that you can see peeking out at the back) this year. My major goal with this room was to make it neutral and not too feminine, so I started with a neutral comforter and shams that I bought from Overstock for $60.00. The chenille sham is from a bedding set I had in college (I wish I had kept the coverlet, but I used it as a blanket in our dog crate long ago when I thought it was ugly :( –funny how style seems to come back around). The blue pillows are from Home Goods and were sort of the splurge in this room ($30/each) and the fringy pillow was a $7.00 end cap find at Target. The great thing about buying all the base pieces in neutral tones is that it means you spend the money once and can change up accessories as many times as you want–which is always cheaper. Like I said, that sham is from college. It’s 10+ years old and still going strong! So, total bedding cost (not including sheets): $127.00. Oh and we can add the throws at the end: the plain one is from Ikea for $19.99 and the tan one was $4.00 at the thrift store. So, total cost: we’ll round it up to $150.00. And if you take away my $60 pillow splurge, less than $100 for all new, King size bedding. Not too shabby.

The art above the bed is a picture that I took in San Francisco (our very favorite place), and just blew up and hung in an inexpensive Ikea frame. It’s large scale art for around $20.00.

Budget-Friendly Master Bedroom MyFabulessLife.com

Another dilemma I kept running into in this room was furniture, nightstands in particular. I kept seeing all of these photos on Pinterest of dressers as nightstands, so I kept cycling through cheap finds from my furniture hoard and it always just looked like a jumbled mess. For whatever reason, the “eclectic furniture” thing just wasn’t working in this room. So, I bought two nightstands at Ikea for $35/each, stained them with Jacobean from Minwax (the same as this dresser project), and added some new knobs. And this is where the “collecting” comes in. I bought these nightstands two years ago, when it was in the budget, and just bought the knobs last week, when I finally came across the ones I wanted for a price that worked for me!

My husband is an avid reader (I wish I could say I was), so I bought some baskets at Ikea to keep the books corralled, and all of the chargers and other things that accumulate on a nightstand are hiding in the extra space in the basket behind the books.  I found the headboard on a Facebook Yardsale Group for $100, and honestly, I’m not sure whether it will stay or whether I’ll resell it. I love it, but it’s a little more mid-century than what I was going for and it really just gets buried behind the pillows, so that may be changing down the road.

Nightstands MyFabulessLife.com

The nightstands are essentially the same on each side of the bed, but I’m not going to lie, the books on my side are purely for decorative and symmetry purposes ;) I do have a dish for all of my jewelry and hair stuff that tends to accumulate on a nightstand that does actually serve a purpose. I bought the lamps at Ross for something like $15/each, but they had ugly shades, so I bought other shades at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale for 40% off, so I believe they were somewhere between $7-$10.00.

Easy Master Bedroom Updates MyFabulessLife.com

Master Bedroom Bedding MyFabulessLife.com

This couch used to sit in the living room, and was one I inherited from my Grandma. I basically moved it in here to get it out of the living room until I could sell it, but the husband liked it, and it worked with the colors in the room, so it’s staying for now. It’s not in the prettiest shape, but I keep finding myself escaping into my bedroom to just sit and chill on the couch, so it’s serving a purpose for now. The pillows and throws were all stuff that I had sitting in the basement (I have a pillow problem), except the plaid one, which I bought from Brickyard Buffalo recently for ten bucks. It’s a blanket scarf. If you sew, you could easily make one. To further illustrate my pillow problem: those two grouped together back there? Bought them about a week ago, because I knew they would work somewhere in the house, just not quite sure where yet. So they’re just being stored there, but they seem to fit in, so there they sit until they find a home, looking all intentional and pretty ;)

Master Bedroom Decor MyFabulessLife.com

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas MyFabulessLife.com

And then there’s the dresser. The most longstanding piece in the room and the piece that this whole room had to revolve around. The original plan in here was bright white walls, white bedding, and I don’t know…that’s about where I got, but the direction was white, wood, and blacks/grays. You know, my usual jam. BUT, when I told the husband that I was going to paint the dresser, he gave me his sad face and told me that he liked that dresser…it was the first thing we painted when we moved in…he really didn’t like the idea of painting it…he won me over. He doesn’t have a lot of opinions about decorating around here, so when he does, I try to go with it. The plan changed, and actually, I’m pretty pleased about where it’s going–who knew. The wall this dresser sits on is huge though. Like 12 or 15 feet high (I’ve come to the conclusion that vaulted ceilings can be really overrated) and I’ve been seriously stumped about what to put on it. For now, I just used a big mirror that I got when we cleaned out my grandparents’ house, and the plan is to create a large wood frame around it, but…who knows when I’ll get around to that. I also have a bunch of pictures to hang back up on this wall, but you know…time…energy…probably need some new frames…so for now it’s minimal, and I’m kind of diggin’ it.

Master Bedroom Updates MyFabulessLife.comAnd that’s where we stand right now. I hope you maybe got some budget-friendly ideas here, because you really can create a great space on a small budget. Is it perfect? Nope. But I’ll keep plugging along at it and eventually it will come together. I’m so excited for the coming year to share projects and ideas with you and really get back to the roots around here.

Master Bedroom MyFabulessLife.com
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