Beth Shuey: Woman who became an ex-wife due to her husband’s rise to fame

Becoming famous is a dream for many people, but some people, like Beth Shuey, might think otherwise. The small-town girl became a celebrity when she married Sean Payton, the former NFL coach, and this might not have always been easy or fun. 

Moreover, after things got rocky for the couple, she had to go through the process of separation and divorce while being watched by the paparazzi and fans. 

So, who is Beth Shuey? What is she doing now? Read this article to find out. 

Who Is Beth Shuey?

Beth Shuey

Beth Shuey is the ex-wife of the former football coach, Sean Payton. She is born in 1968 in Morocco, Indiana, and has probably led a quiet life until she met Payton. With a population of less than 1200 people, Beth ticked all the boxes of a small-town girl, and her peaceful and shy nature might have attracted the energetic football player when they first met. 

Beth is married to Thomas Milton Shuey and Joyce Antcliff Shuey and has one sister, Debbie. She studied at the North Newton Junior and Senior High School and then enrolled at Indiana State University, where she studied marketing. 

Marriage to Sean Payton

Beth Shuey

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We don’t know exactly when Sean Payton met Beth Shuey, but they met when Sean got a job as a college football coach after he quit playing football. Payton was mesmerized by her natural beauty and sweet nature and finally got the courage to ask her out. 

In the beginning, living in two different towns was a bit challenging for the couple, but Payton was determined to make things work with his girlfriend. He began to see her more often when he was working as a football coach at Indiana State University. 

She graduated in 1990 and eventually relocated to Indianapolis. This made the couple grow even closer, and Payton finally proposed in 1992. The couple got married on the 11th of July, 1992. 

Beth and Sean married in a small ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. While being married, Beth proved to be the driving force behind her husband. He got promoted, coaching for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and finally, the New Orleans Saints. 

As a coach, Sean’s career required relocating several times. The family bought a home in Mandeville, Louisiana, but it turned out to be defective, so they decided to move back to the Dallas area in 2011. 

Trouble in Paradise

Sean Payton

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Beth and Sean stayed married for almost two decades and had two children. Their daughter, Meghan, was born in 1997, while their son, Connor, was born in 2000. 

Payton’s career faced several challenges, and Beth remained supportive. In 2011, there were rumors that Sean was to return to the Dallas Cowboys, but this wasn’t true. 

Things began to grow sour between the couple, and during this period, Sean moved to New Orleans while his family continued to live in Westlake, Dallas. The distance and challenges of their relationship eventually made things difficult for the couple. 

By the end of 2011, it was apparent that Beth and Sean were having serious issues. They separated, and eventually, finalized their divorce in 2012, after spending two decades together. 

Since little is known about Beth’s finances, we assume she got most of her money in the divorce settlement. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 to $2 million, while her ex-husband has a net worth of about $35 million. 

What Did Beth Shuey Do After Her Divorce?

Jamie McGuire

For a middle-aged woman like Beth, divorce wasn’t easy, but she felt like she was doing the right thing. She decided to get back on her feet and she began to pursue a business career. 

Beth and Sean decided to stay on good terms even after the divorce, and they have always been there for their children. Connor maintains a low profile and doesn’t like to share his personal affairs on social media, unlike his sister Meghan. 

Meghan was a cheerleader at high school and later applied for a job as a sideline reporter at Fox News. She wants to become a sports broadcaster. 

As for Beth, she finally managed to put the past behind her. She met Jamie McGuire, a realtor who works in marketing golf course community homes, like the one she lived in. The two liked each other, and eventually got married in 2020. They had a small ceremony, which was attended by their friends and Beth’s children. 

Wrap Up

Beth Shuey is the ex-wife of Sean Payton, the former NFL coach. The couple stayed married for two decades before breaking up in 2012. 

The two maintained a close relationship for the sake of their children. After the divorce, Beth met someone else and finally got married in 2020 to prove to everyone that life goes on. 

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