A Little Shelf Styling

It’s a space you’ve seen once or a thousand times around here, and it’s actually one that I loved and had no intentions of changing, but my ridiculously high power bill sort of forced me into some furniture rearranging, and let’s be honest, I’m almost never opposed to a good game of musical furniture around here ;) I’ll explain a little. See that big, ugly air return hiding behind the blanket basket under the shelf? The cabinet I had there before was totally blocking the return, so our air would run ALL DAY and the house would still hover around 78-80 degrees. Hello hundreds of dollars to the power company.

ikea ivar hack

Our house isn’t large, so I try to use every inch of space possible, without cluttering things up too much (most days I’m losing that battle), and this spot has always been sort of a problem because it’s so shallow (like 11 inches deep and not very wide) and there’s that stupid air return issue. I originally thought I wanted something built in, floor to ceiling, but when I started planning things out, built-ins just seemed to crowd the space too much, so onto option B:

ikea ivar shelf hack

I love the Ivar shelf from Ikea because it’s inexpensive (30 bucks!) and has that rustic look that I love, so I decided this was the perfect spot to finally give me the excuse to buy one. And if I’m being totally honest here, the sand collection and the vintage books–the collection just seems to keep growing–were sort of outgrowing the space I had. When I went to the store to get it, I was bummed that it was a few inches too deep. Womp, womp :( BUT, nothing a little hack couldn’t fix–that tutorial is coming tomorrow.

how to stain ikea furniture

This has really become that place in my house that just makes me smile. Do you have one of those places in your home? Everyone should! I mean, there are lots of little things here and there that do that for me–that’s sort of the goal in a home, right? But this one takes the cake around here. It’s like every good thing that I love in one place. Like that little wooden doll you see. I’ve had it since I was like four, a gift from my grandparents when they went to Germany, and now that they’re gone it’s a little reminder of them.

vintage styled bookshelf

Of course, the disco ball and globe had to stay–those aren’t going ANYWHERE! Because disco balls + globes = happiness (it’s a scientific fact). And there are a few new additions, like the vintage books and blanket that I found at the thrift store. Anyone else shocked at the handmade goodness that people send to the thrift store? It’s probably the hoarder in me, but how anyone parted with that afghan blows my mind! Lucky me though!

ikea bookshelf hack


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