4th of July Ribbon Wands and Flags

You know those projects that seem sort of pointless or useless, but they just make you smile? This sort of falls into that category, but I love it so much. I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to even explain this project and nothing is really even coming to mind. Basically, it boils down to being a huge sucker for anything red, white, and blue, a ribbon hoarding problem (the ribbon aisle at the craft store is a serious danger zone for me and most of it ends up just sitting in a drawer), and the search for a cure for summer boredom.

Vintage Style American Flags MyFabulessLife.com

Last summer, I think on a day where the little one was “bored” for the 1,357th time, I came up with this little project. I had some dowels lying around and a bunch of ribbon and fabric scraps, and the idea of some fun, whimsical wands for the 4th. They were a much bigger hit than I had anticipated and we’ve made several other variations since. And then this year, when I pulled the flags out: LIGHTBULB!! Why not add them to the flags too and dress them up a little bit?

4th of July Ribbon Wands MyFabulessLife.com

So here’s the super simple way to make your own:

You’ll need:

Ribbon and/or fabric scraps
Dowels, flags or even just branches or sticks would be adorable

4th of July Crafts MyFabulessLife.com

Cut your ribbon and fabric scraps to the desired length (and width for fabric scraps). I like to tear the fabric so it looks a little more scrappy/vintagey.

4th of July Wands

Gather the scraps and ribbon together and using a piece of twine or another piece of fabric or ribbon, tie them around the top of the flag or the dowel.

Ribbon Embellished American Flags MyFabulessLife.com

And that’s it! A little bit of whimsical, patriotic, happiness. I have mine sitting on the kitchen counter for decoration, but they’re perfect for parade waving or just running around a backyard BBQ too!

Decorating with American Flags MyFabulessLife.com

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