Wood Slice Baby Shower Guest Book

So, fun fact about my family. I am one of four siblings (two sisters and a brother, in that order) and all three of them are having babies in the next three months. October, November, December. It’s going to be quite the Christmas this year for our family. And to answer the next question that seems to always naturally follow: nope, there’s no bun in my oven quite yet. That’s an unexpected road we’ve been traveling and a story for another day. Anyway, you could say that it’s been “baby shower” season around here for the last couple of months and this weekend we hosted one for my youngest sister who is due in November. She’s having a boy, and the combination of expecting a boy and having the shower in the fall…the stuff my dreams are made of. I’m easy to please. Think lots of plaid, lots of wood, lots of happy Jenn. I’ve really given up on trying to photograph an entire party these days (because things are usually coming together last minute), but I wanted to share this idea we used as an alternative to a traditional guest book.

Wood slice baby shower guest book. MyFabulessLife.com

For the last baby shower, we did a wishing tree, or attempted, except I forgot to have everyone sign the tags, so we have a bunch of really cute, blank tags left over (hits myself on the head). I wanted to do something a little different for this one, and when I was walking down the wood aisle at the craft store the other day, the idea hit me: wood slice (affiliate link). She’s been wanting a faux, white deer head on the wall in the nursery, but that is a BIG no-go with her husband who is a real life, country guy (they live on a farm) and only the real deal is allowed ;) I’ve been threatening to buy the faux deer head for her just to give the brother-in-law a bad time, but I decided painting a little silhouette on a wood slice for her gallery wall would be a good compromise.

DIY Deer Head Wood Slice MyFabulessLife.com

I found an image online , printed it, cut it with a craft knife, and then stenciled it onto the wood with some white craft paint. Apparently it was a good compromise, because I’m told the dad-to-be liked it. Score! Anyway, back to the guest book part of it. I had all of the guests sign the back and leave advice, or just their name, you know, whatever.

Wood slice baby shower guest book. MyFabulessLife.com

I was a little worried about having a hard time writing on the wood, but fine tip Sharpies worked PERFECTLY! Now she has a little something to hang on the gallery wall she’s been creating, and tucked on the back are all of the sweet sentiments of the people who love her and that new little bundle.

Wood slice baby shower guest book. MyFabulessLife.com

The little “Wise Words & Wishes” card  was made by me and will be available here later this week, along with matching invitations that will be up in my Etsy shop.

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