Wood Easter Egg Arrangement

The other day I was milling around my dining room shelf, moving some stuff around, adding a few Spring and Easter things–do you do that? Just sort of walk by a space and move things around here and there? Add a little? Take a little away? Sit on the couch and stare at something, thinking about what needs to be changed (my husband can always tell when I have the look).


Anyway, I was milling around the shelf and thinking:
You know what would be awesome? Wood Easter eggs…I wonder if Hobby Lobby would have them?
No, I know their stuff like the back of my hand, and I’m pretty sure they don’t. Well, maybe in those little packages in the wood section. I’ll have to go look.
Wait!! Amazon! Of course I could probably find them on Amazon!

So, off to Amazon I went, and of course they had like 1,000 different options, but none of the ones I wanted were available with Prime, and I’m waaayyy too impatient to wait longer than two days. So, of course, I got distracted (probably by Pinterest and Facebook) and sort of just went about my merry way thinking maybe I’d think about it for a bit and maybe order the eggs. Because, you know, big purchases like wood Easter eggs require a lot of thought. This is how my mind works friends. Isn’t it a scary, beautiful, confusing place? My husband thinks so :D

So, wood Easter eggs were still on my mind for a few days and then I happened to be a Target (as I just “happen”  to be like four times a week), and guess what they had on the Easter aisle?!!! Holla! No waiting for shipping, no wondering if I ordered the right size…there those cute, little wooden beauties were. And, like every other trip to Target,  a few other things jumped in my cart too, like this pink egg dish.


Anyway, I grabbed some plant moss at Hobby Lobby and came home and put together this quick little egg “arrangement” to put on my mantel. The other awesome thing about it is that it’s neutral enough to leave out all spring :D And there are no in-depth instructions required on this one. Just place pieces of the moss in the holes, set the eggs on top of the moss, add a little more around the edges, and that’s it!! A perfect nap time project, and we all love those ones, right?!!



That amazing egg specimen print is from one of my new (to me) favorite places to find free prints. You can find it here.


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    Welp – looks like I’m going to have to make another trip to Target soon. I just went there this weekend and found the speckled eggs in the dollar section….but now I need these wooden ones. :) Love how you put the moss in the cute pink egg crate too!

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