I’ve decided that if there’s anything that’s going to finally lead to the death of my sanity, it’s toys.  EVERYWHERE.  To the moms who can make those perfectly lined up and labeled baskets full of toys in their proper places: I SALUTE YOU!  I’ve tried.  And failed.  Miserably.  As my daughter gets older and the toys seem to get bigger and multiply exponentially, we’ve outgrown the original toy storage solution, so for the love of everything holy and my sanity, I decided to throw in the towel on organization and throw all the toys into an old trunk I had lying around.
My friend picked this trunk up for me about a year ago at an estate sale {the beautiful part of people knowing you’re kind of a hoarder}, but it was in such horrible shape, I’d avoided doing anything with it.  This thing was seriously beat up and seriously gross.  My original intention was to strip and sand it down to the bare wood, but when I started sanding, it was painfully obvious this paint was NOT coming off.  I don’t know what the paint was, but it was like someone had lacquered it–molecular bond!

So rather than spend countless hours working on this thing, I decided to paint it black.  I’ve fallen in love with black again.  It just gives that stark pop and goes with just about anything.  Black and white just speaks to me.  Anyway,  I used my favorite paint formula: 1 cup paint (flat or satin) + 2 tbsp unsanded tile grout.  This formula gives a thick, amazing coverage with no priming or sanding–a must for something this beat up.  (Yes, I paint in my living room.  Yes, it drives my husband crazy.  What can I say?  I’m a slave to the television when I’m trying to finish a project–particularly Mad Men these days.)
And then because I’m always looking for extra seating, I decided to upholster it and turn it into a little bench. Upholstering a trunk or cedar chest like this is SO easy.  A piece of press board, cut to the size of the top of your trunk, a piece of padding (I used 1 inch–you can find it at any fabric store) and your piece of fabric, cut to size, pulled tight, and stapled to the back.  To attach it to the bench, just screw up through the inside of the lid, into the press board.  I’ll be sharing a more extended tutorial on this simple upholstery soon!
I think the best part of this project, aside from the massive amount of toy storage, is my discovery of GOLD. POLKA DOT. BURLAP.  I found it at JoAnn’s and I’m having to seriously hold back on just putting it everywhere.  FYI, it comes in silver too.
Are you one of those amazingly organized moms, or a just-get-it-out-of-sight mom?  Have you found any amazing toy storage solutions?  I’d love to hear!!
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      Thank you! This made me laugh! My poor husband’s office doubles as the storage room whenever we have company! That’s what you get for having the cleanest room in the house I guess :D

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    Im in love with that fabric and loved it in the folding chair makeover. Im definitely not one of those organized mamas but my trick is giving my bebes less toys to make a mess with by rotating their toys. Love the trunk btw!

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      Thank you! Such a good piece of advice! We keep half of the toys upstairs and half of them in the basement so she “rediscovers” them on a regular basis. Unfortunately she rediscovered the downstairs toys yesterday and we’re back to square one :D

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    Polka dot burlap in silver?! Oh man, wish we had JoAnns here! Love the trunk and its fab makeover!! And I SO get what you mean about the toy dilemma – I’ve got 3 kids and the older they get the messier it seems to be around here – no labelled containers in this house lol!

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    This turned out so classy! Looks beautiful and hides toys from sight, perfect! We had a playroom where all the toys had their own place but I was still walking through the house at night picking up stray toys on most days. Now my son is 10 and is too OLD to play with toys. It would be embarrassing! ;)

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