A Cool Clock Gets Cooler

So this just might be the project that gets me disowned by my dad and maybe my grandparents.  My great grandpa used to make these burl wood clocks and furniture (sometime in the 50’s or 60’s I think), so there are several of them floating around in my family.  I ended up with this clock and this super rad table.  Maybe I’m alone, but I think this table is the greatest thing ever, the husband thinks it’s the ugliest thing on the planet.  Obviously, I won the table argument, because here it sits in my living room.

Anyway, the clock floated around my parents’ house for years and then has been sitting in a closet at my house for ages.  The clock was super cool as it was, but every time I’d pull it out and try to put it up somewhere, it just didn’t seem to work.  I loved that it was raw, beautiful, dark wood, but there was just something about the color of the wood that didn’t seem to jive.  
So after going back and forth for months about whether or not to paint it, I finally decided to bite the bullet and just do it.  I don’t know if there’s any value in it, and obviously painting it bright pink probably destroys any value, but no one can bring themselves to part with it, so it was either going to sit in a closet and get passed around, or I could change it up a bit and everyone would see this awesome piece that’s been hiding in a closet for years.  I did decide to only paint the face because I wanted the stark contrast between the wood and the paint, but also because, should I decide down the road that I’ve made I big mistake (but I probably won’t), I can’t just sand it off and take it back to its original state.
Changing it up was a pretty straightforward process.  I pulled the numbers off with a knife and then sanded it down to get rid of the glue from the letters. 

To get the coral paint color, I mixed two Valspar colors (Apricot Ice and Sonora Rose) with some yellow craft paint.  I don’t know if it’s advisable to mix craft paint and latex paint, but I did, and it’s not like this thing’s getting wear and tear, you know, except for my occasional tap dance on my clock, so I figured it probably won’t be an issue. As usual, I mixed the paint with unsanded tile grout to give me a thick, matte finish.  The white you see on the clock is just because I started out thinking that’s what I wanted, but then once I got it on, I wanted something a little more bold.

I’m so excited for this little piece of my great-grandpa to proudly come back out of hiding and hang proudly on the wall in Adelie’s bedroom. Do you have a piece like this floating around in your closets, dying to come out?  Maybe it’s time to take the leap and make it presentable again!


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