If success of a project is measured by the enthusiasm of a five year old, then I hit a major home run with this one.  It’s not often I get a, “Mooommm! That’s soooo cute,” after I finish something, but that was the response I got for this one. Pats myself on the back! Today I’m going to show you how to gain the adoration and awe of five year olds everywhere by making your own Vintage Style Snow Globe.

Make Your Own Vintage Style Snow Globe |


I love those little vintage houses and snow globes, all of their glittery, pastel goodness, that can be seen all over the place this time of year, but they can be costly if you can come by them at all. So, of course, I decided to try making my own, and it was SO easy!!

You’ll Need:
Glass Tumbler (I got mine at Target for $1.00)
Bottle Brush Trees
Christmas Village People–did that get you singing YMCA? You’re welcome ;) Anyway, I bought these at the $1 store in a three pack. I’m not gonna lie, their faces creep me out a little, but they get the job done.
Hot Glue
Craft Glue 
(like Tacky Glue)
Fake Snow
Wood Bead or Topper 
(from the wood section at the craft store)

DIY Vintage Style Snow Globe |

1. Trace a circle larger than the bottom of the glass and cut it out. I ended up using Pinking Shears for mine because the zig zag felt more vintage–why? I don’t know, but zig zag = vintage in my world I guess ;)

2. Glue the trees and carolers to the paper. Hint: this would also be an awesome way to display vintage ornaments!

3. Place the snow in the glass. Put glue around the edge of the glass, and then turn the paper upside down and secure it to the glass.

DIY Vintage Style Snow Globe |

5. Flip it back over so the snow falls down and you have a snowy, little world inside your glass.

6. Glue the wood knob on top. Then run a bead of glue around the bottom edge of the glass, glitter, and let it dry (you could also use glitter glue and skip the mess).

Make Your Own Vintage Style Snow Globe |

That’s all there is to it!

DIY Vintage Style Snow Globe |

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