Vintage Sports Family Room

I was looking back through my Instagram the other day and noticed that it was almost exactly a year ago that I started painting this room and declared that Football Season 2014 was the year that this room was finally going to be finished. Well…as is the way with most things around here, the going was slow…and indecisive. So, this room finally came together (I won’t say “finished” because there are still quite a few small things to do in here) for Baseball Season 2015. Better late than never, right? BUT, it was worth the wait, because it’s become one of our favorite rooms to hang out and my daughter actually spends time playing down here now. This family room was actually one the main things that sold us on our house, because we live for baseball and football season, and it was the perfect place to just sort of hide out and do our thang. But then, you know, kids and life happen…less time to hang, more toys and stuff piles up and things change, so this room became the cave where LOTS of things went to die (or at least hide when we had guests over).

Sports Themed Den My Fabuless Life

Remember a while ago when I shared the dark, embarrassing secret that was my backyard? Well this basement was the other one. Don’t judge….or do, I won’t even hold it against you—it was that bad. We had a game of musical couches going on for a while so while this room actually started out as one of the nicer rooms in our house, we kept taking the good furniture from down here and moving it upstairs until it just became this sad, gross shell. Also, let’s not talk about the carpet. Between a child who spills things and a dog who occasionally decides the carpet and the backyard are the same thing, it’s just gross and will be going as soon as we can get ourselves motivated to do floors again.

Basement Befores

The improvement was pretty drastic with just a few easy changes. Of course, finding a place for most of the toys and a big junk  drop-off at the thrift store was one of the biggest game-changers. When I finally got my new couch upstairs, this one moved back down here to it’s original home. You know that male stereotype about the comfy chair that the husband doesn’t want to get rid of? Well, Chandler’s “chair” is an entire sectional sofa. It’s SOLID and comfortable, but it’s fugly and brown and I hate it. BUT, since this is sort of his domain, and budget didn’t really allow for new furniture quite yet, we just had to work around that big ole’ couch. Reupholstery (sending it out–I’m not trying that one again myself) is somewhere in the future.

Sports Themed Room

We have a lot of sports stuff, so I wanted to keep a good portion of it in the room without it being too overly themey. You can see Giants and Notre Dame are pretty much the name of our game around here and while I love them dearly, black and orange aren’t really my decor colors of choice, and they don’t pair so well with blue and gold (gold I can work with ;) ), but we have some cool stuff and I wanted to keep it, and of course, there needed to be lots of photos. ALWAYS photos in this house.

Simple DIY Photo Ledge

So I took a bunch of my favorites, turned them into black and whites, mixed in some of my favorite memorabilia, and put it up on a giant ledge (the same open shelves I used in the laundry room). It’s the first thing you see when you come down the stairs and it makes me smile every time.

easy diy photo ledge

I was still having such a hard time figuring out what to do about the whole color situation, and then, last fall, when I used this scarf as a table runner, it hit me that plaid was the perfect way to tie in a bunch of the deep, classic colors that I love, and tie in the tan from the couch that I hate so much. And as usual, in the spirit of full-disclosure here, my husband has the couch he can’t part with and I have the chair ;) This was my “napping chair” in high school and I couldn’t let my dad throw it out. It’s not pretty, but MAN it’s comfortable!!  So it’s only fitting that it found a home in the room made for relaxing.

Vintage Inspired Family Room

The entertainment center was another one of the items on my husband’s “must stay” list, so while I was really pulling for some big, simple, wood shelves that ran the length of the wall, I worked with what I had and I’m pretty happy with it.

Vintage Sports Themed Den My Fabuless Life

Baseball Room

Family Room 2

Fun little fact, that end table is an outdoor table I found on clearance the other day at Target for $13 and I love it!! Thinking outside the box for the win!

Rustic Vintage Family Room

This table of my grandma’s was really what set the whole room in motion. Funny how one little thing can totally change the game, huh? I originally threw it down here until I could figure out what to do with it, but I liked it and everything else started flowing from there.

Vintage Sports Den

Are you seeing this theme of having to work around stuff? This big, black shelf was another one of those things. My grandpa built it, so it has sentimental value, but while I was willing to find a new home for it, Chandler said it was staying…you see who won. I filled it with more of our memoribilia, along with some of his stuff from high school and college—once upon a time he was a pretty good shot putter ;)

Shelf Display

Open Shelf

And how adorable is it that his mom still had his first home run ball?!! These are the little things that make my heart happy.

Baseball Memorabilia Display

This room is bursting with lots of the things we love and memories of some of our favorite times as a family, so there are a million other little details around here, I could go on forever, but I already sort of have, so we’ll just leave it there for today, and I’ll say that after six years, I can safely say that we have a space that we all can really enjoy together, and someone is thoroughly enjoying College Football Season 2015—at least until the big injury for our QB this weekend—let’s not talk about that mmmkaaayy :(

Vintage Decor in the Den

 Want more of this space? You can see our little Cozy Family Game Corner here.

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    It looks SO good! You did a great job. It’s incredible what a few new things and some organization will do. It looks like you were able to incorporate a lot of things you already had into this space which is awesome! I know you will make lots of fun memories in this space!

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