Through the Lens of a 2 Year Old

I had one of those sweet, simple mommy moments yesterday when I started looking through pictures on my camera and came across a bunch of pictures that Adelie has taken in the last few weeks.  I catch her running off with my camera quite a bit lately and as nervous as it makes me,  I love seeing the world through the eyes of a two year old!  Especially seeing what’s important to her–I have countless pictures of Barbies on my camera and I can’t bring myself to delete them.

I know it’s scary, but give in a little, hand them the camera (with some supervision) and see what you get.  I may actually frame some of these I love them so much.  This is life’s sweet simplicity at it’s finest.

A not-so flattering picture of mom

 From under dad’s desk (please ignore the blue tape that still has yet to be torn down)

 Her dog

 Grandma’s dog

I let her run off with my camera without supervision for a few minutes until I realized it may be taking a swim in her pool.  When I came running out, she said, “I’m just taking pictures of my flowers really quick.”


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    Wow! I think you have a budding photographer on your hands! These pictures are wonderful! I definitely think you should frame them! They are something to cherish for sure! Thanks for sharing and for encouraging the rest of us to give up a little control sometimes as we may have wondrous results! :-)

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    This is so sweet. I just taught my one year old how to push the button on my camera and have some funny pictures of myself. She loved it and thought it was hilarious. It’s so fun to get to see how they see things.

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